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You should look in your area to see if there is a yoga studio. You should take a class. A good instructor will show you pose modifications when you need them. We all have physical limitations. There are plenty of yoga poses I can't do. so, I do the modifications until my flexibility and strength increases. Don't assume yoga is for skinny people. It's for everyone. In a class I used to take, we have students from ages 20 to 60+. We had skinny people and obese people. We were all welcome.

Consider taking a class that will teach you breathing techniques as well as meditation. you can't really learn those things from a DVD, you need a good instructor. Learning how to meditate could help you reduce your stress as well as your blood pressure. I find the deep breathing exercises very helpful. Breathing helps to calm your nervous system. It won't happen overnight. It will take time, but yoga really could help.

It's all about learning about being more "mindful". That's something they don't talk about in the diet books, but it's what people really need to learn if they want to lose weight. They need to be more mindful.

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Actually...not that I can think of. I've tried losing weight before - and got down 38lbs...but I don't really remember what reduced my stress. I've developed social anxiety in my mid-teens and I'm 23 now so it's harder and harder for me to get out and do things/be with people I don't know, etc. Food, unfortunately has always been a "go-to" thing when I feel like crap. Trying to break this habit has proved to be very difficult. It's like I just...relapsed after doing so well. Monday will begin week 10. I'd love to be able to get back out, have more friends (than just one that I can count on once per week)...and go DO stuff I use to enjoy, but...I feel so engulfed in my depression at times that I just...change my mind and don't wanna do it anymore, ya know?

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6/9/13 2:00 A

Hi Bloogrl, I've been going through a bit of the stress eating phenomenon myself and am trying to figure out an answer as well. My question to you is - can you identify times in the past when you did not cope with stress through food? What did you do differently? I think different coping strategies work for all of us and if you can figure out what has worked for you in the past, maybe you can go back to that mode when the situation hits. In my case, since I've been thinking about it, what has worked for me in the past is to get out of the house, get involved in something completely different, signing up for activities during times that I am most vulnerable to stress (eg..gym class in the evening)..calling a friend and having a long talk to sort things out and doing something artsy, crafty or music related..Is there something that switches your focus from the stress to something completely different?

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It is true I wait too long in between eating. But I work 5 hour shifts at a crack and even though I get a 10 minute break at work; I rarely take my breaks because I'm too busy and just have too much to do there. Today, I ate a really good breakfast - 3 lite sausage links and 3 eggs. It was really good and I had a nice amount of protein and fat in it to keep me satiated. I was having a lot of trouble for awhile getting enough healthy fats in my diet, but I recently added in sunflower kernals in as snacks and it has really, really helped my levels. It's still not up to the "40-52" mark, but it's usually over 30g now. With the eggs, I was able to make it over that.

Tonight I'm going to get more exercise in. I went for a 30 min walk earlier, then did 1.5 miles on an exercise bike and could use one more walk. My head has been pounding from this varying Wisconsin weather since Wednesday. :( I can't make it calm down. It's been feeling like it's in a vice and I only get headaches whenever there's big (and not gradual) variances in weather. :( I hate it.

Archimedes - that's a good way to look at it. I have tried yoga videos, but at my weight, umm, let's just say I struggle with some of the movements lol And I'm hoping this therapist I've been seeing since February IS able to help ease a lot of my stress, seems like I only feel good when I'm there. When I leave...I forget how to handle things all over again. It's like a vicious cycle, you could say.

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I give all new members one piece of advice and it's this,"Don't look at good health or weight loss with an all or nothing mentality". If the only healthy thing you did for yourself today was drink 8 glasses of water, that's still a step in the right direction. Don't beat yourself up because you overate. One over indulgent meal or even day's worth of overeating WILL NOT make or break your healthy lifestyle.

You've mentioned that you've been under a lot of stress and depressed recently. I'm a firm believer that stress is a neglected aspect of weight gain. If a person could reduce their stress, they'd automatically reduce their waistline.

And that's where I'm going to recommend you start first if you want to stop the binging. Find other ways to vent your stress that don't involve food. When you feel maxed out, take a walk. Walking is not only great cardiovascular exercise, it's a great way to reduce stress too. Sit and have a cup of tea. Tea is relaxing. And how about some deep breathes ? Have you ever tried yoga ? If you've never tried yoga, I'm going to recommend you try a class, not a DVD. Yoga isn't just about being more flexible. there are yoga classes that will teach you how to breathe and meditate. Studies have shown that meditating can not only help you reduce your stress, but reduce your blood pressure too.

As I mentioned, don't beat yourself up because you over ate. But, if you want to try to reduce your binging, you've got to reduce your stress.

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6/8/13 2:42 P

One of my Spark friends helped me to realize that when I eat too many carbs (and not enough protein) I tend to go overboard. So I am trying to make sure that I have protein with every meal and not so many carbs. Just a thought.

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I think in this case you didn't eat enough in the daytime and left two much time between meals and became so hungry that you couldn't turn it off. I know if I go too long between meals I usually end up going nuts when I finally do eat.

Don't let one binge get you off track- do better today, get in those walks and drink lots of water.

And I think you should consider a more filling breakfast and lunch. My go-to is greek yogurt with fruit. It's filling and has lots of protein, healthy sugar from the fruit and also fiber.


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Thanks for the replies and the links. Yes, it is only one day, but I still feel rotten about it. I just went for a walk with the dog for a half hour (didn't realize the streets here weren't ideal cuz they're pretty busy) and plan on going on another one later. This time with the best friend and on a different route I KNOW will take much longer and be safer.

The food DID taste good, but I'm paying for it with a stomach ache this morning. :( My body's not used to all that garbage food anymore. It's 12:30 and I don't even feel good enough to have touched anything for breakfast. :(

Also, AngelCityGal, it is a learning experience. It's not my first rodeo in a lifestyle change, but it IS different this time in that I'm doing it for MYSELF for the very first time, not because someone's calling me fat or telling me to lose weight. It's how I know it actually has a lot more meaning to me this time because I want to improve my overall health and well-being.

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I understand you're dealing with a lot of stress and are feeling depressed. But it also sounds like you let yourself get way too hungry. When I don't eat enough it is very easy for me to get way off track. Try to learn from this experience. It's important to eat enough protein at each meal and snack. Include lots of veggies in your meals so that you have lots of volume, too.

Here are some resources for emotional eating:

And here is a SparkTeam of emotional eaters:

Try to remember that this is just part of the journey. You are learning!

emoticon emoticon

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OK, So you had a really bad eating day. Hey, it happens. Now you have eaten all the stuff you were craving (I'm sure it tasted good) and it's time to climb back on that horse again.
If you are finding that you are ravenous by mid-afternoon on a regular basis, maybe a breakfast with some protein would help?
Anyway, don't beat yourself up over it because, when it comes right down to it, it was ONE day - One day does NOT negate the success you have had so far so try to shake it off and set your focus forward!
Hang in there!!!!!

(When I start feeling stressed or angry and think of eating, I drag myself out and start walking, it seems to help quite a bit with the stress AND I get exercise at the same time)

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So yesterday....I screwed up big time. Yesterday was my designated cheat meal day...but I did WAY more than cheat - I went OVERBOARD and got no life preserver! After work, while waiting for my best friend to come home, I was starving - only ate corn flakes and skim milk for breakfast, then 1/4 cup sunflower kernals for a snack. By the time work let out...I went straight to stupid mcdonald's which I had abstained from fast food for a few months now! I had 3 hot n spicy mcchickens and a small fry. But it didn't end there. Dinner time came (my normal cheat time) but I did way more than normal. I had 3 slices of pizza...bowl of clam chowder...and then a few hours later had two more pieces of pizza even though I was still feeling bloated from earlier.

How do I stop the stress and depression I've been experiencing the past couple weeks (I already see a therapist) from getting to me! I've lost such a good amount I can't screw it all up now. I'd be devastated.

I'm currently dog-sitting overnight tonight and brought all my healthy food with me for breakfast, lunch, and dinner both today and tomorrow (except dinner is going to be eaten at home tomorrow - it's already thawing). But how do you keep your stresses and anger and depression from making you wanna eat everything in sight?! :( I've already got two walks scheduled today with the doggie I'm housesitting and then tomorrow at least one walk depending on when his family comes back home. Today...will NOT be another screw-up.

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