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8/6/13 1:46 P

We have someone who works on that each week, but it is a small part of their job, but she tries to update as much info as possible. As Anarie mentioned, it takes time to verify that information and it is possible to have some variances in regional products. We go by what is listed on the manufacturer's website if possible, otherwise we go by the USDA database info.

Coach Denise

ANARIE Posts: 13,192
8/6/13 12:18 P


How long ago did you do it? It's going to take a while before any change shows up, if it does at all. Somebody on staff would have to verify your verification, and I would imagine that database updates are done every few months, not continuously (although I could be wrong.) My guess would be that they call in temps periodically to work furiously for a few days and make all the changes at once. And even then, they'll only change an official SparkPeople entry; they're not going to mess with user-entered information.

It's also marginally possible that the yogurt has different nutritional data in different parts of the country. Dairy products and baked foods are most likely to vary regionally because they're produced regionally. They use different ingredient sources and different recipes depending on where you live. It probably wouldn't make that big a difference in a cup of yogurt, but it's not outside the realm of possibility.

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8/6/13 10:49 A

Yes, so far so good.

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8/6/13 10:46 A

I verified the calorie and carb info for Kroger carb master yogurt as every entry in our data base said it was 80 calories but the label clearly states 60. Nothing has changed in our data base. Why?

MKRETIRED Posts: 2,195
8/5/13 9:14 P

Yes, I use the tracker.

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8/5/13 8:59 P

That is good to know )

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SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,369
8/5/13 8:50 P

When you verify a food, if you say it is correct, then nothing will be reported, but if you report it as being incorrect, it will send a note to us so that we can look into the nutrition info for that item. Either way though, you get 1 SparkPoint for verifying a food.

Coach Denise

LOSIN_IT4GOOD Posts: 642
8/3/13 12:46 A

Yup emoticon

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8/2/13 11:39 P

I do

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8/2/13 10:10 P

Cause u had already verified them

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8/2/13 10:02 P

When I vote nothing happens. Anyone know why?

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