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MERRYC17 Posts: 20
11/10/11 9:23 P

I'm not sure how far north you would like to go...but in Rye, NH (just over the border) is the Wentworth By the Sea. It's beautiful, and I've been to several different functions there. Super fancy, to garden party, to a 80's inspired fundraiser. Also, there is the Red Barn at the's adorable and cozy...and I recently went to a wedding at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline, Ma. It was Very different than anything I've ever been to....but classy, entertaining, relaxing and a really good time!

There are so many great places to choose from, good luck finding something that suits you!

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,535
10/10/11 6:13 P

Check and see if there is a magazine called Massachusetts Bride. There may even be a mag called Boston Bride. They will list many venues in different price points.

I am all about the way the name looks on the invitation. I don't think Holiday Inn or Best Western would look very good on an invite.

10/10/11 1:44 P

I'm looking to have my wedding someplace nice, but not the cookie cutter hotel type of affair. Not that there is anything wrong with having it at a hotel, but I want it to be low key and more about having fun with my guests. Ideally, it would have an area for dancing and music, but then a quieter area for guests to relax and chat.

My brother and sister in law had theirs on a yacht in Boston and that was really nice, but I don't want to copy that.

thanks for any ideas you share!!

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