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1/27/13 9:18 A

I'm glad you have a place to vent! And that you've received so many positive replies. Of course, you are out of sorts -- you're sick, it's overcast. Ya know, sometimes we just have a yukky day! Happens to all of us. Tomorrow will be better.

GLITTERFAIRY77 Posts: 8,023
1/25/13 6:39 A

BAHAHAHA!!! YESH!!! Fantabulariffic, BlueNose63!!!!!

BLUENOSE63 SparkPoints: (108,021)
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1/25/13 6:26 A

See vented it out ladies and gents...thats what spark people is hear for.....I will send you all a huge hug from -40 degree Cel. weather here in Ottawa Ontario!

I find women extremely bitchy so I have always run a crew of about 60 to 100 guys as a Construction Project Engineer. Grew up with no sisters only older brothers, so don't get why women and you see it in girls in behind others back...Got something to say, say it to my melon and get it over with!

Yes, when you accept your Award -- I would like to thank....and for those haters, "No I don 't want fries with my order"

REYNINGSUNSHINE SparkPoints: (20,387)
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1/25/13 2:21 A

GlitterFairy- That is hilarious! I can imagine my acceptance speech when I find a cure for AIDS "I'd like to thank ____. Had she not been a total b!tch to me during undergrad, I wouldn't have found the firey determination to be better than her at everything..."

But in all seriousness, to everybody- whenever the emotional ground beneath you falls, you either fall with it or learn to fly :) Don't run away from the problems... but learn to fly over them.

I hope all of you that are having hard times wake up feeling infinitely better!

SAMZA83 Posts: 241
1/24/13 11:48 P

Hugs! It sounds like you might be too sick to vigerously workout. When I feel like that I either take a rest day or do some light yoga which also helps with emotional strains---maybe this could help you?

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
1/24/13 10:00 P

Sending (((HUGS))).......Yes I feel like that right now. so where are we running away too. For me it would be laying on the beach in the bahama's............ But to be honest I hope that things get better for you. Remember there is a God who loves you and you have no where to go but up.............

GLITTERFAIRY77 Posts: 8,023
1/24/13 8:25 P

*hugs ReyningSunshine really tight*
People are @$$hats. I'm sorry you have to deal with backstabbing morons, but you can thank them for making you a stronger person when you get the Nobel Peace Prize in 5 years for some amazing, life-altering-in-a-good-way discovery.
"Look at me now, B*tches!!! I'm gettin' paper!!!"
Great. Now that song is stuck in my head. Aaawesooome.
As for your boyfriend, I'm sure it will work out.

REYNINGSUNSHINE SparkPoints: (20,387)
Fitness Minutes: (41,738)
Posts: 523
1/24/13 8:13 P

I have similar days a lot... except mine usually revolve around people- mostly women- being catty b*tches. For example, today, I woke up really sick from medication I take to avoid ovarian cysts, and I had to come in late to a lab to avoid that. During lab, I found out that a lab partner of mine is rooming with an ex roommate who apparently still talks behind my back and makes lies up- what she says now is that I brought a lot of men back to the dorm (I have been dating the same person since I moved out here, and I am a faithful person) and she would always find me watching porn (which is not something I'm even interested in).

Then, during the lab section, we found somebody tampered with one of our reagents to give us false positives. We had to characterize this unknown sample, and we had an idea of what it was, but the positive was undeniable and didn't support the hypothesis. I decided to test for contamination and lo and behold, two reagents that shouldn't react did, and we found the problem that way.

Later on, I found that an old lab partner of mine from another lab used to talk about me behind my back, saying I was one of those people who just should never open their mouths. Funny, because I'm really quiet usually, and when I speak, I'm typically right about whatever I'm saying (ie, talking about spectra and classifications and whatnot).

To further this, my phone decided to die today during another lab I am a TA for, while my boyfriend was telling me about something he is going to tomorrow. I was trying to figure out what it was/why he was going because it was just a legislative meeting- not necessarily something I'd peg as fun- and he didn't have to go for any reason... and I didn't understand why he'd choose that over getting to see me. So I just asked him why he was going and he took it in a less than positive way, got mad at me, and then my phone died, and now conversation seems... strained.

In between all of this, my sister has been angry at me the past few days for reasons I don't understand.

So yes. I understand those days. They happen. I deal with them with...sleep. Tears. Mostly. I always feel somewhat better even if life sucks still when I wake up.

No matter what, life continues on, and you can either dwell on the sucky things or just deal with them... or even better, find some positives. Life likes to give me a lot of crap and honestly, I don't see what I do to deserve it- but you just need to push through.

Take some medicine, see a doctor, and remember that it's not about doing EVERYTHING you can all at once. Baby steps. Take care of your cold first, and start just being mindful of what you eat. Don't try to dive into a new and difficult task all at once... set mini goals.

I hope you start feeling better soon!

GLITTERFAIRY77 Posts: 8,023
1/24/13 7:23 P

If you think it might have turned into a bacterial infection, by ALL means, go to the doctor or urgent care, get the inhaler, keep tracking anything you're able to keep down, drink plenty of water, and take some benedryl and a nap! (Tylenol MultiSymptom Cold and flu pm is magic. I am NOT pro-medicine all the time, but when ya need it, ya need it.) Take care of yourself.

Of course we feel like throwing in the towel. I had a crappy eating day-but at least I was able to get my cardio in...
Check out my "Aim for progress...not perfection" blog from yesterday. Was it yesterday? Maybe two days ago? My most recent one.

FIREWOMN Posts: 638
1/24/13 7:04 P

On days like this, I use Spark People to track my food, and I read a ton of articles and take the trivia and quizzes to expose myself to inspirational and informational stuff. That gets me 'interested' again, and I forgive myself for having a crappy day. Sometimes, I even make nasty, crumby faces at myself in the mirror until I crack myself up! hahahahahah... actually, that is probably my best strategy for crappy days.

I hope tomorrow is better for you.

FITGLAMGIRL Posts: 2,045
1/24/13 6:49 P

Well if you have any of the flu symptoms that are going around, resting might be just what you need. My hubby has been sick the past few weeks and will be going to the gym this weekend for the first time in weeks of trying to get healthy.

If you are not too sick though, I have found the gym helps me heal faster and also to feel better but only if I am NOT super sick.

1/24/13 6:00 P

Blahahahaha this is great. I am loving everyones advice here. I already feel better just venting and knowing I am not alone! I am just out of sorts I think and have been going through a pretty nasty separation/divorce and yes I have 2 kids that do depend on me. However, they are old enough to fend for themselves on occasions. I have not been sick in years and I think the stress and lack of eating right during the holidays and lack of excercise did me in and my go go go attitude just kicked my butt. I am usually the rough and tough girl that does not let things get to me but I think it is finally catching up to me. So here I sit sounding like a baby and laughing at myself now! Thanks EVERYONE! LOL!

1/24/13 5:47 P

Question: are there "others" who depend on you or their world would fall apart?

For myself, I find that when I allow "others" to be independent, I start to feel better pretty quick even though they, the "others", are now thinking, "WTF!?"


1/24/13 5:22 P

I really just need to vent. I am having such a hard time getting back on track and everything seems to feel like it is snowballing on me. It is overcast and yucky outside, I have no motivation for the gym, I can't beat this cold and (I am almost positive it is bronchitis or pneumonia by now) I feel like a big old baby. What the heck is wrong with me??? I have never had this problem before. I have always been the positive one that helps everyone else up and hands out advice. Does anyone else ever feel like just running away and never coming back????

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