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And another thought - Succotash.

Ok, I'm British and for a very long time didn't know that succotash was food - I thought it was just something that Sylvester the cat said. But I'm now a huge fan, although I'm sure that what I cook lacks any authenticity and bears no resemblance to the original dish.

In fact, I will continue to call it succotash for the simple reason that succotash is a wonderful word to say.

I saute finely chopped onion and celery until it is translucent (If I have some, I'll also add in a little bit of chopped bacon/ham - it ups the calories a lot, but it does taste great, and the rest of the recipe it low fat). Add peas, broad beans, corn, diced bell pepper and diced tomato. Add a little water or stock, stock and simmer for a few minutes. Season and serve.

As you can tell, I'm a bit haphazard with my recipes, but that's because they can all be mixed and changed according to personal taste. When broad beans aren't in season I use a can of whatever beans are in the cupboard. Also, I tend to add cumin and crushed dried chilies when I'm sauteing the onion, but it also tastes good without.

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A big tray of roasted veg?

Cut onion, bell peppers, courgette, aubergine* and anything else you like into nice chunks. Put into a large roasting tin and add a little oil (seriously, you don't need much at all - a tablespoon is more than enough for a huge tray of vegetables - but you can miss it out if you're not wanting those calories), salt (if you're allowed the sodium) and a load of herbs. A big sprinkle of dried mix is fine, or use anything you like from thyme, rosemary, oregano etc.

Mix together and roast in a hot oven until the veg are tender (give it all a stir if the stuff on top is getting a bit singed).

I like to have a load of little tomatoes in the mix because they burst and you get this lovely tasty juice to mix in with the vegetables.

Oh, and you can add in some chunks of sweet potato to make it a bit more substantial.

I tend to have this on it's own of with a bit of meat but it is also really nice as a cold salad if you mix it into some prepared couscous/quinoa.

* I cut the aubergine up a while before starting dinner, sprinkle it with salt and put in in a colander with a weighted plate on top and leave it in the sink - after a bit, some juice will seep out of the veg. Doing this is supposed to stop the aubergine being too bitter but I find it also stops it being too tough when I roast it. You don't HAVE to do this.

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9/20/12 9:52 A

I love veggies, I just don't know how to cook them besides grabbing a bag of frozen peas and heating it up in a pot on the stove. Pretty boring. What else can I do?

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9/19/12 6:33 P

wow! A lot of great ideas I don't think of. I know you are right though, texture is everything! Thanks a bunch

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I'm not a veggie lover myself, but I like many roasted veggies, like broccoli and asparagus. It's also super easy to do. Just set the oven for like 425, and toss the veggies w/ a bit of olive oil. Then put on a baking sheet, and sprinkle with some shredded parmesan cheese. Roast for 10-15 minutes. I also like roasted squash and sweet potatoes. For sweet potatoes, you can cut them into disc shapes, and then top them with a bit of brown sugar and chili powder (sounds weird, but it's not).

I also like doing stir frys with things like fresh green beans, sugar snap peas, or snow peas. Heat up a wok or skillet, then put in a bit of oil. In the oil, put in some fresh ginger that's been sliced, and some sliced (not chopped/minced) garlic. Let the ginger and garlic sit in the hot oil for a few min, before they get brown, to infuse their flavor in the oil. Then, take out the ginger and garlic, leave the oil in, and then put in the veggie and cook until they turn a bright green color. Then, top with a sauce made from soy sauce and sriracha (or just soy sauce by itself is fine.

Oh, another thing to do with sweet potatoes is peel them, then cut into chunks, and boil them like you would regular potatoes for mashed potatoes. Then, once they're soft, drain and then mash them, and add in a chipotle pepper from a can.

I hate cooked carrots and celery, so I just eat those raw w/ some hummus :)

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9/19/12 3:34 P

I know quite a few people who won't really eat vegetables and it's usually a texture thing more than anything. If this is the case, how about blending up some soups?

Chop and roast an onion with some red bell peppers and then blend up with tinned tomatoes or passata. Season. This is also really nice with a little bit of something creamy (I like a little crumble of goat cheese) added at the end to cut through the acidity.

Saute some onion and celery. Add chopped carrots and stock. Blend when carrots are soft. You can add cumin or coriander seed when you saute the veg at the start.

Peas taste lovely with fresh mint, chopped and stirred through before serving.

Lots of herbs and spices to disguise the taste of things.
There are endless vegetable based Indian dishes to try if you like spicy food. I love aloo gobi (cauliflower and potato curry). Just go easy on the ghee.

Roast sweet potato?

If you're cooking something with normal potatoes you could add in some white-fleshed sweet potatoes.

What about making your own coleslaw? Shred your vegetables (whatever you like really - cabbage (white/green/red), onion, carrot, celery etc) and find a dressing for it that you like. Even if you use a bit of mayonnaise, it's better than buying ready made coleslaw because you can control how much goes in. I use grain mustard and low calorie mayo - you don't need very much to dress the vegetables.

Salsa. Salsa is my new best friend since I started losing weight.

Oh, also, if you're doing things like pasta sauce or stews etc, you can hide a lot of finely chopped (or blended) vegetables in them without being able to taste them.

Any of those any help?

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9/19/12 1:24 P

I would like some ideas for making vegetables that are easier to tolerate when someone doesn't like vegetables.

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