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7/8/10 3:33 P

I lived on a dairy for 5 years in my teens and cows were never missed treated but i know that it happens. Please try and stay away from soy it is so bad for you, here is a link about it. Not sure if soy is what you supplement your food with but i have heard that's what vegetarians usually eat.
p.s.I talk to my garden too.

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7/8/10 2:19 P

Yeah, I would say you need something from meat....also, vitamin B12 is from proteins as it could be that (I LOVE meat and eat it every day and apparently I've had a B12 deficiency which I had to be retested for).....

7/8/10 2:10 P

Think about your grandma's chicken soup, that home made meat loaf, or even greasy fast food burgers. They all conjure memories. We place emotional importance on food. Maybe that soup made us feel loved, that meat loaf made us feel at home, or that grease burger made us feel sick to the stomach. emoticon

I've been vegan for 12 years now, and was a vegetarian for 2 years prior to that. Sometimes, it is normal for the meat craving or dairy craving to come up. It isn't that I would really ever eat it- the stuff revolts me and I have many, many reasons for being vegan- but it's those memories that make me nostalgic.

Maybe you need to feel loved, secure, or whatever feeling it is that you subconsciously associate with the foods you are craving.

I'd just take stock of your emotions. How are you feeling today? Lonely, bored, happy, elated? Maybe the answer is in your feelings.

That's just my guess, because that's usually what makes me think of those foods I voluntarily gave up.

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7/8/10 10:36 A

Are you eating the Morning Star Farms imatation bacon strips and other meat like varities?????

BUTSWEETER Posts: 1,255
7/8/10 10:18 A

My reasons for being vegetarian are two fold:

1 - I get sick much less now than when I ate meat.
2 - I don't like meat, so I don't eat it, much like how people who don't like green veggies don't eat them. This is why I stopped eating it. I try things every once in a while, but I never really enjoy them.

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7/7/10 6:16 P

For me it's a combination of I don't like that an animal needs to die so that I can live ... and I, and many people, can sustain myself on plant-based foods.

The other aspect is that many animals are treated quite horribly while they live. Living in small enclsures, cages, or without grass, I've seen cattle lying in dung and mud ... and they're injected with hormones, antibotics, all sorts of chemicals.

One time I thought I had breast cancer ... turned out my lumps were from bovine growth hormone!! That was a terrifying month for me, and I'm glad the cancer institute I went to put me on a beef-free diet for 2 weeks before doing a biopsy.

We've owned chickens and I have no problem with eating their eggs. They played with the dog, we played with them, they ate bugs, had free range of a huge yard.

I have no problem with milk/dairy or eggs, from organic sources and free range as much as possible. I have lesser problems with animals in that environment and then killed humanely (kosher is what I look for).

But in general, I prefer plants, and I grow as much as I can, and nutty as it may sound, I talk to all of them and harvest what "feels right", it's very symbiotic.

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7/7/10 6:04 P

Sorry.. I don't understand the vegetarian lifestyle at all. We were given meat to eat and it's healthy. I love animals and don't like to harm them but They have no feelings when they are dead. I don't eat a lot of meat if i do its turkey or chicken. I don't want to offend people I truly do not understand why eat vegetarian? Please don't reply with hate, just please explain to me what led you to a vegetarian lifestyle.

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7/7/10 5:51 P

Yes, my doctor confirmed I was anemic.

VICKILYNN2009 Posts: 3
7/7/10 2:47 P

i have been a vegetarian since the age of 6 and im 19 now and i have never ever had a meat craving.. and all of my friends eat meat and when we go out to dinner or what not i have no desire to eat it

FOXMOON Posts: 822
7/7/10 2:28 P

Morningstar Farms has some vegan riblets that are totally out-of-this-world delicious!

That being said, I've been a vegetarian for years and I'll get the random meat craving, too.

It creeps up on me totally at random and usually it just goes away by itself. I've never 'caved' to it, but it's still an odd tugging in the back of my brain on occasion.

7/7/10 1:26 P

your opinion about your body functions, is strictly YOUR OPINION. It is in no way evidence based medical research that can be applied to anyone else.
Dietitian Becky

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7/7/10 10:43 A

Trillian - When you got those cravings for beef did you go to your doctor to have the appropriate tests run to confirm that you were iron deficient? If so, then you know there is a correlation for YOU. But that does not necessarily mean that another person can use your experience to diagnosis what could be a serious medical issue.

There is only ONE way to know for sure if you have an iron deficiency - See your doctor! If you DO have an iron deficiency, eating meat for a day or two will NOT fix it. If your body is low on iron stores, it takes several months, AT LEAST, to build them back up.

You don't have to take my word for it- please read the following article:

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7/7/10 8:27 A

I can understand that.

But after decades of being told what I experienced was not what I experienced, I hope other people can understand that maybe they are experiencing something the majority doesn't understand.

We're not identical. As has been said many times on this site, what works for one person may not work for another.

Just because I don't experience something someone else does, doesn't make it untrue. And just because I experience something someone else doesn't also doesn't make it untrue.

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7/7/10 8:25 A

Thanks Becky. It was good to hear your professional opinion after I read the postings in this thread. I prepare meat dishes for the rest of my family and I have no desire to eat them. I eat a lot of fish, eggs, and green leafy veggies. I also supplement with a multi-vitamin with iron. It is a personal choice and not a health choice to not eat red meat and chicken.

7/7/10 8:15 A

I do NOT want anyone reading this thread to believe that they can rely on a "food craving" to determine a nutritional deficiency. There is not sceintific proof for this, it is not reliable and it could be very dangerous to one's health. If you have a concern about a nutritional dificiency, see your doctor for appropriate testing and medical follow up.

dietitian Becky

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7/7/10 7:12 A

ANARIE - that really isn't necessarily the case.

In my situation, I wanted to be vegetarian and people around me kept saying "well if you have to eat an animal, eat fish, or at least choose chicken or turkey over beef or pork".

The thing was I could eat all the fish and chicken I wanted ... I still wanted beef so bad I would literally dream about it. Like another poster said, it would wake me up. I would dream about cheeseburgers. One time in class my professor called on me and I literally answered "cheeseburger" because it was the only thing on my mind every day for weeks.

Maybe I would have craved liver if I ate it ... or whelk, I understand that's one of the highest protein, highest iron, foods out there. But since I don't eat it, my body/mind knows to ask for beef and the beef will do the job.

It wasn't protein, more than anything it was the iron. And the zinc. Probaby a couple other things, but I now know at least to keep my pritein, iron and zinc in certain ranges or I DO crave cheeseburgers again.

I've not been able to eat my regular foods, only what my Mom buys me, and I've been struggling with that recently as well. Back of my mind I keep thinking about burgers.

Today I may be on a road trip and I keep mulling over the idea of stopping by Burger King and getting a full sized Whopper, maybe a Double Whopper.

It's not crazy out of control this time (though it started to get there) because I quickly realized I'd been low on iron and really loaded up on it for several days, and still have made a point to get enough iron ... but that puts me over 130g protein every day, and well over my Vitamin A range ... so in some ways I'd be better off just having a burger.

And yeah, I want ground beef, not steak, because it's so hard to eat tough steak I won't eat enough of it, and the tender steak is so expensive I can't buy it, so ground beef is what I want.

Drove me crazy all the 25 years people have been telling me my desire for beef is a CHOICE, and it's simply NOT. It's totally nutritional.

Just wanted to add also, now that I know what to do, I can EASILY be 100% vegan and not crave beef at all, once I meet my nutritional targets, for weeks or months at a time.

But if I don't, I crave beef at a minimum of 4 raw oz (3 oz cooked) every other week to keep "crazy" at bay, or at least 1-2 times a week to feel delightful.

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LITTLEMISS9889 Posts: 65
7/6/10 10:05 P

if you were iron deficient you would be having a lot of other noticeable symptoms like easily bruising and feeling weak or tired, i have been a strict vegetarian since i was ten years old, and i find that i crave fatty foods some times during the holidays and i smell all the other foods, or when i am stressed and or doing to much all at once and wearing myself out, i take some rest and some times i have found hush puppies or pan seared Polenta with a little soy cheese gets ride of it and if you cook them right they can be good for you :)

ANARIE Posts: 13,204
7/6/10 9:25 P

If cravings were caused by nutritional deficiencies, you'd be craving liver or tuna or chicken breast. If it's bacon and hot dogs you think you want, then it's the salt, the fat, or the smoke that's getting your attention. My guess would be that you smelled something grilling over the weekend, and that got you thinking about foods you usually ignore.

How you respond depends on your personality and your reasons for being vegetarian. You can ignore it and see if it goes away, try to soothe the craving with a healthy alternative (Gardenburger makes a "barbecued rib" that might do the trick), or you can go out to the best hot dog stand in your area and get one really good hot dog. Eating something out is often a good solution for urges like this because you don't have to worry about what to do with the rest of the package.

But it's probably not a nutritional thing, unless the nutrient you're missing is sodium.

JGLVAM Posts: 263
7/6/10 8:42 P

when reading your post I also automatically thought your body needs more iron or protein..

DRBEEZ Posts: 104
7/6/10 8:31 P

My iron tends to run low. I can tell when it's really down b/c I will get intense cravings for beef, something I can normally take or leave. It has awaked me from sleep before! Craziness!

Like someone else mentioned, I would look over your iron and proteins for the last few weeks and see if you've been under.

BETHWYN32 Posts: 190
7/6/10 8:29 P

I'd guess iron or protein too. When I was pregnant there was a week or two there when I could not get enough milk. It was bad and I drank a ridiculous amount. I figured out it was the time of pregnancy when baby was building up their bones and my body just wanted the extra calcium.

HOWMANYCATS SparkPoints: (37,262)
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7/6/10 6:20 P

The only craving I've ever had when I was anemic has been to chew ice . . . Pica (the medical term for eating non-food items) can be a symptom of an iron deficiency. I've never craved meat even though I don't eat a lot of it.

TRILLIANTOO SparkPoints: (41,587)
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7/6/10 5:05 P

All my meat cravings are nutritional.

I can be totally vegan except every once in a while go completely goznzo bonkers for beef.

For me I can see it's iron and also zinc, so I would take a look at your tracker over the last 2-3 weeks and see how you're doing in those areas.

It's certainly easy and possible to boost your iron with veg'n foods, but it would be good to look at your tracker and see.

7/6/10 4:42 P

Seldom are food cravings due to a nutrient deficiency. Track your iron and protein intake, are you within a healthy range??? Usually a food craving is just want the taste for a certain food, could be triggered by a picture, a smell, hormonal changes.
Dietitian Becky

BUTSWEETER Posts: 1,255
7/6/10 3:49 P

Could be that you're low on iron or protein. If you're craving processed meat though, I'd think you want something savory.

SUMSUMs idea to try some fake meat is good. A lot of it is loaded with protein, and if you want the taste of something meaty, this will help.

STEPHF524 Posts: 13
7/6/10 2:46 P

Maybe you need some protein? Or you're actually craving the salty taste rather than the meat itself?

SUMSUMS SparkPoints: (15,141)
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7/6/10 2:44 P

Mayeb you just miss the taste. Try some of the fake meats, a lot of them are pretty good

7/6/10 2:24 P

What does this mean? I am a strict vegetarian and all day I have wanted bacon or a hot dog or something like that...

Is it possible that I am running low on iron??

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