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1/10/10 8:17 A

I second the stir fry idea! I'd suggest maybe some fried "rice" (whenever I do it, I use bulghur wheat) with the veggies you do like, and you could get some spinach in there without really tasting it too. It cooks down a lot when it's heated. I also chop up some chicken sausage and throw in an egg white or two. Usually season with some honey mustard and soy sauce or balsamic vinegar, but add some crushed red pepper flakes to add a little heat back in.
And could you add some spinach to your salads? Kinda "sneak" it in there?! That is, if you want to bother with the veggies you can only tolerate - it seems like there's enough that you do like that it's not totally necessary to torture yourself with the less than pleasant ones!

ETA: Also, how about a big veggie omelet, or egg scramble? Spinach & tomato quiche? Soups and stews?

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1/9/10 9:37 P

Must agree that puree is the quickest and easiest way to get more veggies into your diet. I also juice things like beets,fennel, carrots, and celery.
I make pureed spreads out of veggies to spread on bread/bagel/cracker or to dip crudities for snacking - think Hummus style spread but made up of butternut squash puree and roasted garlic.

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JMOMMY10 Posts: 45
1/6/10 11:06 A

Have you ever thought about a stir fry with carrots, squash, salad, bell peppers, onions and mushrooms? I love that with a little soy sauce (I don't use low sodium because I think its nasty) or Vegtable Supreme

I love that seasoning! I use it with just squash or a whole mix.

You can steam them as well. That makes it different taste.

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SDANIEL42 Posts: 709
1/5/10 11:31 P

GAYA2081 I like carrots, squash, salad, bell peppers, onions and mushrooms. I can tolerate brocolli, califlower,spinach and of course I like the high carb veggies like corn and potatoes.

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1/5/10 8:25 P

What veggies do you like? I am picky too and have a collection of recipes I am building

HEIDIALLEN08 Posts: 24
1/5/10 7:03 P

I sometimes "hide" veggies in our food. I love to eat them, but when they're on the verge of going bad, I puree them in the food processor and add to marinara sauce (I usually make my own and throw the puree in there, but you can stir the puree in to a prepared sauce too). I do this so keep from wasting food, but I know people that do it to get their kids to eat an extra serving of veggies and they dont' even know it.

Also you can take pretty much any combination of vegetables, add broth, maybe a protein, cook for a's soup. Easy. You can follow recipes or just make a "kitchen sink" with whatever veggies you have on hand.

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12/30/09 10:00 A

Thanks Pookiepup!! What temperature do you set the oven? Do you use just oil or other spices?

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12/30/09 6:14 A

Roasting vegetables tastes great.

I like to use aspargus, blanched broccoli, swede, green beans, carrots, cabbage, spinach.

Use a couple sprays of oil and roast until... well... until they are done!

SDANIEL42 Posts: 709
12/29/09 11:36 P

I am having a really hard time getting in all the veggies I should be. Mostly because I really don't care for many veggies and the ones I do like I am getting tired of.

So I would appreciate any ideas for most vegetables.



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