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Great bottom link. I love it. I've never been one to shun butter, I just watch how much I use simply because calories is all. Most of the time when I'm sauteeing vegetables or lean meats, I use half butter and half olive oil. With Asian recipes I use sesame oil instead because that tastes so good. I figure its a decent way to get the monounsaturated fats as well.

I've been saying for a while that vegetable oil was far unhealthier (heck, that's the problem with fast food. It isn't the burgers itself) I just had thought it was the quantity with it that would have me feeling rough but man is that quite the chemical process to make it. I can definitely see why my body isn't a fan when I throw that into it after the whole foods it gets most of the time. Its just unfair that now, foods like that bother me where as before I could handle processed food all the time and never feel particularly worse for it.

Love your username too by the way :) Only time I use bacon fat is if I made some bacon for breakfast and then I leave a bit of the grease in the pan to make the most delicious eggs ever to go with haha

6/13/13 10:39 A

It could be. The process of refining vegetable oil is long and complicated.

I often get a sore tummy after I've eaten out because I usually eat very clean at home. I choose not to eat out very much because of it.

I use first cold-pressed olive oil, cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, butter and occasionally bacon fat to cook with at home.

Just found this link.

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At least I think its just regular vegetable oil. Whatever the go to oil for a cafeteria/restaurant/fast food place is. I eat plenty of fats normally the kind spark calls healthy (olive oil, sesame oil, nuts) and also my fair share of natural saturated fats from animals and dairy, But there is something about vegetable oil that I think destoys me.

Like yesterday at lunch, there was paella on the special and it looked good so I left my tuna salad in the fridge and ordered that. Even asked them to go very light on the oil since I saw they where quickly sauteeing the precooked rice with the meat. They just had a squirt bottle full of something. Well from 20 min after until about 4 hrs later I had this mild stomach ache I had to contend with all day at work.

I've noticed this before from things like this, like getting eggs at a perkins or a gyro where they use a flat stove grill. I've also felt this way when I used to cook with canola oil. Is the vegetable oil the common denominator for why I feel rough when eating cheap food?

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