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6/21/13 6:25 A

Dragonchilde gave a well thought out answer, and I can't say it better.

You CAN lose weight on nearly any menu plan (diet) - but it's not just "eat this style; lose weight" if you aren't conscious of what's going in your mouth

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6/21/13 1:06 A

I agree with the previous post.

Do you weigh your food and enter it all into the Nutrition Tracker? Sometimes it is just a little tweaking that is needed, but you haven't shared enough information to enable us to help you. Also, what weight are you now? Sometimes a lot of people experience difficulty as they get closer to their body's 'ideal' weight (as opposed to OUR goal, which often is actually too low for our height, etc. )


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6/20/13 10:02 P

You can lose weight on any diet. However, why you aren't losing weight could depend on many different factors. You could be eating too much. Or not enough. You may be getting inadequate nutrition. You may just not have given it enough time.

Being a vegan is not about weight loss. It's not a diet to take on to lose weight. VEgan isn't even necessarily healthy. How you do it matters; it's possible to eat and live vegan while having an absolutely terrible, imbalanced, overindulgent diet.

We'd love to help more, but we need more information. What are you eating? Do you have a publicly shared nutrition tracker? (Your page is private, so if you do, we can't see it.) What's your calorie range? How many calories are you eating? Are you exercising? How much are you exercising? What's your current weight, goal weight, weekly weight loss goal per week?

It seems like a lot of questions, but it's important for us to know what you're doing before we can tell you what you're doing wrong (if anything.)

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Why can't I lose weight on a vegan diet?

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