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12/12/13 7:38 P

Thanks Nirerin. I have been entering foods for a week and whoa did my weight stabilize. Sometimes I think just entering foods causes weight loss! I was naive in just selecting a food without following the link for nutritional value. I entered kippered snacks, ate a whole can and found 0 protein entered in my nutrition. I'll be careful to check the user entered values. Thanks for your help. Daisygirlfp

12/12/13 7:34 P

Thanks Becky! I'll follow the link provided! What a great site this is. Just back from a snowy walk and ready to eat a healthy meal. Daisygirlfp

12/12/13 7:32 P

Thanks Be-The-Change! I was choosing member entered values and missing all the minerals that are important for my particular health needs. Wishing you all the best. daisygirlfp

12/12/13 7:17 P

Our SP generic entries come from the USDA food database.
I went to the database and it looks like quinoa is now there.
Click here:

Follow the directions and do a search for quinoa. You can select dry or cooked.
You will have the "complete" nutrition make-up.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

NIRERIN Posts: 14,297
12/12/13 4:51 P

i enter my own info based on the package that i have right in front of me. too many other users aren't skilled at data entry and there isn't really a way to get rid of those shared user entries that are incorrect.
plus, different companies use different recipes in different regions and countries. and while the generic entry may be great, i have found that the brands i buy sometimes have very different info [the orzo i regularly buy has the same nutrition info for 1/4 cup that is generically 1/3 cup] so it's worth it to enter it myself. it also makes me look at what i am buying as i am actually buying it and cooking it in a way that scanning it wouldn't. in other words, i'm imputting into my head at the same time, which makes it easier when i don't have the website option.

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BE-THE-CHANGE Posts: 15,837
12/12/13 4:05 P

Usually the listings at the top come from the brand manufacturer and are the most reliable. Although I find that sometimes they change their "recipe" and these can change, too. If you see a listing that says (by NAME) at the end, that means it was entered by a Spark member. Often they just enter what they are tracking, not the whole nutritional listing. I personally track several things, including potassium, which is often not included. I will check the package against the Spark listing, and if it doesn't match up, I enter it myself. If it's from a restaurant and not listed, I first try the restaurant's site and then check something like

If you enter a listing yourself, remember to save your entry as a Favorite, and then it is more readily available to you the next time you use that product.

12/12/13 3:39 P

I'm a newbie. When I looked up quinoa I found many entries most of which didn't reflect the actual vitamin or mineral content of the grain, so of course my daily totals keep coming in under the mark even though I am eating well. Is there no way to link this site to other sites that have credibly researched values for different foods? Do ya'll enter your own values from other sites? Is anyone else tracking more than fat, carbs, and protein and how do you manage? I am appreciative of this site, just trying to take it to another level. I am that I am. Daisygirlfp

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