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2/15/14 3:54 P

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Linda ! that's awesome news ! It sounds like the company V day pot luck was an enjoyable experience.


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2/15/14 7:36 A

We had a party at work yesterday and it was all things that went with a chocolate fountain. I knew I would be tempted when they were planning it so I decided to have lunch in my room yesterday. I went into the room in the morning and admired the directions but I stayed away.

I must say my salad did not taste good yesterday so I was really tempted BUT this morning the scale was kind to me and I felt that it was worth it.

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2/14/14 9:24 P

That's wonderful, Linda!!! Well done indeed.
You enjoyed yourself, had fun, but didn't fall off a cliff into the great abyss.
I'd say that's a Woo-Hoo post, wouldn't you??

You are demonstrating what everyone talks about when they use the word, "lifestyle."


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2/14/14 8:18 P

If Archimedes isn't giving great-quality help and advice like this for a living,
she should! Lots of really workable alternatives and creative solutions -

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BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
2/14/14 8:17 P

Oooo that is good news! Well done :)

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
2/14/14 7:59 P

That's great!

And as long as you had fun, that's what is important :)

LINDAANNB1 Posts: 519
2/14/14 7:55 P

Hey everyone ! Madi it through the day !!! Actually I did pretty well overall, ate s healthy breakfast this morning, lots of great and tempting foods at the party, went overboard a little but not real bad, did not round my plate, passed on the rolls and did not go back for seconds. Went overboard a little with desert but overall, not too bad. Back on track at supper tonight.
One step closer to getting this right !!!

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2/14/14 11:32 A

How'd it go. Linda?
Whatever happened, you survived and today is a new day.
Your Spark friends will cheer you on!

2/13/14 3:31 P

If you choose to not be controlled by the food in front of you, I predict that you will feel an amazing feeling of satisfaction when it's all said and done. If you stick with the veggie tray and tiny portions of a couple of your favorites, and a very small portion of your favorite dessert, you will not believe the satisfaction you will feel. You will be so PROUD of yourself, instead of guilty.

I understand where you're coming from, when I'm in a situation like this I feel like I'm missing out if I can't eat big portions of ALL of my favorites. But is your life and your peace going to improve or decline with an unhealthy binge at this party? Are you going to be thinking of the people in front of you if you have a huge guilt on your shoulders from the desserts you inhaled?

These choices happen every single day, in big scales and small. The small choices you make add up to the bigger picture. Where do you want your life to go?

KMFITZ721 Posts: 89
2/13/14 2:22 P

I know what I will do in something like this is have a taste of something. With the healthier items get a full serving, but if it's something you like but it's not good for you, then I will only get a bite or two of the item so I can still enjoy it but not overdoing it. This will also help you feel like you have to avoid something then end up going back and gorging on the item. Also, have fun.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
2/13/14 1:55 P

And Above All Else...

If you attempt to navigate your way through this pot luck and don't do as well as you'd hoped...

Do NOT let your disappointment in your performance-at-this-one-meal turn into your "all-or-nothing" excuse.

Do NOT go into this as if it is some sort of "test" that, if you fail, will cause you to give up on the bigger-picture project. It's an EXPERIENCE, not a test. Whether you achieve your goals for the meal or not, you will learn something, that will help you improve your ability to cope with the next potluck that comes along.

I worry that you are going to go into this luncheon with excessive expectations on yourself, and then when you fall short in your own eyes, you'll revert to the kind of thinking that says "I can't, i'm not good enough, i don't deserve, to improve my health... i deserve to remain miserable and hopeless" - and that kind of thinking is 1000x more devastating than any amount of food you could put on your plate. Please, if you do ONE THING today - make it be an unbreakable promise to yourself that "no matter what happens, I will not beat myself up and give up. no matter what."

BETHS60 Posts: 570
2/13/14 12:14 P

One word. Strawberries.

If nobody else brings strawberries, bring them yourself. It's hard to feel like you are depriving yourself, if you are having strawberries. They are beautiful. They are delicious. They fit the Valentine theme. You can eat 2 cups of strawberries for 100 calories. If you need them to be a little more decadent you can put out a little bowl of powdered sugar to dip them into.

It doesn't have to be strawberries, of course. There are 100s of beautiful, healthy choices that you can cover your plate with. Fill in with some of your favorite treats, and as the other poster said, be sure to enjoy them. Let the flavors roll around on your tongue. Feel the different textures. Chew slowly, and savor every second. Then stop. Throw the plate away (if it's paper), and don't get another one.

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2/13/14 12:04 P

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Hi, Linda !

You don't have to give up a social life to lose weight, but like BUNNY said, you should try to be more selective. Try to avoid anything you can buy yourself at the supermarket. So, skip the chips/dip. If someone brings a leafy green salad or a fruit salad, have some salad with your meal. watch the potato or macaroni salads because those can be very high in mayo.

If they have pizza, have ONE slice with a nice salad. Although, you really can have pizza any time you want, that doesn't make it so special any more. So, you might skip the pizza in favor of something like a roast beef sandwich. Many potlucks I've been too have sandwiches. So, you might opt for a sandwich or a rollup.

Look for SMALL plates. Don't grab the dinner sized plate. Eat off a small plate so that you aren't encouraged to pack it with food.

Take your time when eating. Don't inhale the food like a Hoover. The faster a person eats, the less likely that person is to really taste their food. When you don't taste your food, you feel deprived and want more. Slowly eat your meal to give your stomach time to digest. If it takes you 5-10 minutes to eat, it's time to slow down. Try to eat over a 30 minute period. That too will keep you from overeating.

Mostly, try to watch your portion sizes. That's why I'm encouraging you to eat off a small plate. small plate = small portions.

Watch the desserts. ONE treat is okay, not multiples.

You're going to be fine, remember that. Don't fret or worry.

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2/13/14 11:07 A

What bunnykicks said. Food doesn't jump into your plate or into your mouth. YOU ARE IN CONTROL. You can 100% navigate any food related situation without deprivation or overeating. Stop giving the food power.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
2/13/14 10:37 A

Pot luck, like buffet, does not mean we *have* to partake in every dish. It offers variety. So pick the best of the best. ONE lunch choice and ONE dessert choice. Use a small plate.

You might "go overboard" compared to your Spark Range - so make a different goal for today. You say you "hope" you don't round your plate. DON'T HOPE, JUST DO IT. Make your goal for today, to take 50% of what you would have typically taken in the past. And call it a win, and move on. Or 75%. Or "one plate, no refills". Or whatever goal you can set for yourself that you really CAN envision yourself achieving. And do that.

LOVEXAVIE SparkPoints: (42,867)
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2/13/14 10:34 A

Linda, as I see it, you've got a couple options:

1. As potlucks are a part of life, and you are practicing a lifestyle, not a deprivation "diet," you could use this time to practice moderation. How? Enjoy some food (remember, this is not The Last Supper - there will be more), eat a smallish portion of desert (so you don't feel deprived) and ENJOY the hell out of it. Try to engage in conversation more than food. Then, say to yourself, "That was good! Well, back to work!" and BE PROUD you didn't get sucked into the vortex of stupid all-or-nothingness.

2. Try Zorb's option and just say no thanks.

What is not an option? Scarfing like it's your last meal ever and then using that as an excuse ("well, I blew it so I might as well blah blah blah").

You are doing pretty well now....I doubt this will happen, but *IF* you do go nuts on the potluck (there really is no need), eat a normal dinner w/ plenty of veggies - no punishing!!!
That only feeds into the bad behavior.

We're all different, but since I have a pretty strong 2 yr old inside of me that does not do well w/perceived deprivation, I'd opt to SOME of the potluck - be choosy! - enjoy it and MOVE ON.

Remember - you have to practice moderation in order to hope to ever be good at it. Like anything else you ever hope to be good at!
I still have to practice to this day & may always have to, but that's okay - it sure the H beats the misery of being obese.

Deep breath. You can do this. You are bigger & stronger than anything at that potluck.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
2/13/14 10:08 A

When in the day is the potluck?

Lunch time? Dinner? All day grazing?

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (199,750)
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2/13/14 8:25 A

You remember the time you broke the chair, all the times you felt crappy and defeated because of your weight and use that to say NO THANK YOU.

What do you want more, to lose weight and be healthier or do you want the momentary pleasure of the junk food? You decide.

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LINDAANNB1 Posts: 519
2/13/14 7:31 A

There is going to be a Valentine potluck at my work tomorrow ! I LOVE potluck. Going to be really hard not to round my plate like I usually do. And the desserts ...... there are 2 of my favorite desserts that are going to be there . Chocolate lasagna for one !
I am going to make sure I eat good breakfast and I will keep my ice water handy. I just hope I can enjoy a nice meal without going over board or worse going over board and giving in this week to that "all or nothing mentality "

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