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6/9/13 8:54 A

I think work, especially when in a taxing/stressful position, can be very humbling. Dieting using a plan can be humbling as well in that we are letting go of control of something and seeking outside guidance. I think it makes perfect sense that, when you are in a humble state, you are in the mindset to stick with your diet.
So the solution could be finding something to keep yourself in that humble/focused mindset on your week off. Volunteer work? Taking a CEU class? Getting more active in your Church? Devoting yourself to learning a new hobby? Traveling? The options are endless.
Just a thought.

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6/8/13 11:30 A

I agree with Dragonchilde.
When I go on vacation the last thing I want to do is stress about food. And usually on vacations there is the opportunity to try new and exciting foods- so I do and I don't feel one bit guilty about it.

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6/8/13 11:06 A

When I go on vacation, I set myself to maintenance, and don't worry about weight loss; I make healthy choices, and stay in maintenance ranges, instead of weight loss ranges. I'm there to have fun, and the weight loss can wait a week. :)

6/8/13 10:55 A

Thank you so much for all your responses and for making me feel like this is doable even on vacation! I really appreciate it!

MICHELLEXXXX - Very good questions.... I hadn't really thought about that much. Work has definitely been extremely stressful. I'm a pharmacist that works graveyards in a 300+ bed hospital. We just put in a brand new computer system and the switch didn't exactly go smoothly... I'm there at night by myself with just a tech and it has been beyond busy! Lately I have barely had time to eat during my shift, so by the time I get off I'm famished. I know that is a huge part of the problem. The weird thing is my week at work I usually do a pretty good job sticking to my plan. I grocery shop for the week and plan out meals, etc. and cook each night before I go to work. My boyfriend and his daughter live with me and are extremely supportive of my diet choices which is enormous! My week off when I'm home is when I have the most difficult time. I'm not as good about planning meals and cooking things that are on my plan. We end up getting busy and going out to eat, which is pretty difficult with a low carb diet. I do the best I can at first then end up falling off the band wagon for what I want to eat rather than what I know I should have... I think I just need to be more diligent about planning meals and being prepared with having foods I like and can eat around the house. :o(

Checking out other low carb diet options may be an option too. I have definitely had more success with low carb than with points systems or weighing/measuring/watching portions... I just feel like I need to find my motivation and get back into the groove again...

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6/8/13 2:37 A

I have found that the buffets work better for me because the Caribbbean resorts tend to have a few fish choices, which is great if you like fish. Maybe you could hit the protein area first then the vegetables and do your best to avoid the rice and starch areas of the buffet.
Although many resorts have restaurants on site they usually also have a buffet.
Good luck and have a wonderful vacation!

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6/8/13 12:30 A

If the Dukan way of eating is not something you're jiving with right now, I would look into a different one. I like that Dukan works on reestablishing BS control; at the same time, most any low carb plan will do the same if followed correctly, and there are many to choose from.

Aside from weight, how are your stress and joy levels in the other areas of your life? Do you think anything else is affecting the "treat myself well" mindset that is often cloudy in people who are binge eating?

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6/7/13 8:32 P

My advice would be to remember the Plate Picture: half "veggies"...1/4 carb...1/4 protein You can hit any buffet in the world and come out pretty healthy with that!

Overall though, I think on shouldn't worry too much...try new things, enjoy the seafood, enjoy the fruit... Enjoy the Place You're At!!

I was fortunate to be at a similar resort in Yucatan this winter... it went really well. There were always many good choices. And it was surprisingly easy to not overeat....after all, it wasn't like you couldn't eat again in an hour if you were still hungry (!) Knowing that, it was fine to eat a satisfying healthy amount; go off and play....and come back for a fruit snack later.... And fortunately, the desserts were small little pieces! (Yes...I had some of probably All Of Them!! The one thing I had to watch myself on was the Self-Serve Coconut Ice Cream!!)

I think after losing 25lbs, you likely have a good feel for your portions anyway!! Here's wishing you a wonderful trip!!

6/7/13 8:00 P

I leave for St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands in one week and am SO EXCITED! We have an all inclusive package at a resort called Bolongo Bay. I did a ton of research before booking and found this resort that had actual restaurants in their inclusive package rather than buffets thinking that it would be easier to make better food choices and that portion control would be easier.

I follow a diet that was recommended by my physician called the dukan diet. It is a no carb, lean protein/vegetable/dairy diet that really seems to work for me, although I fell off the bandwagon and started accepting dinner/bbq invites, etc the first time after losing about 25 lbs and am just wanting to get restarted. It has a list of foods that you are allowed to eat and lately I have had a hard time getting motivated and haven't been able to stick to that list of foods. I’m a pharmacist at a local hospital that works graveyards and I work a 7 on 7 off schedule. I do an amazing job planning meals and grocery shopping for my week on, and then lately on my week off when I’m home I fall apart and cheat like no other. :o(

I’m starting to have thoughts about not worrying about this next week on vacation because I don't want to set myself up for failure while I'm gone and become frustrated. Then I could just buckle down and restart the diet when I get back... is that a really terrible idea??? I do mean within reason. I love fresh seafood and fruit and that’s what caught my eye when I scoped out the menu... I would still watch my portions and not completely gorge myself. My boyfriends daughter will be with us, so all those tempting sugary alcoholic beach drinks shouldn’t be much of an issue.... I just feel guilty doing this and would love some input and ideas! Thanks in advance for all your help! :o)

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