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5/13/13 2:36 P

also, right under the search button is a link to
enter food not listed
so if you have a label that doesn't match what you find when you search, you can use that link and enter in the info on your label. save it and it should save to your favorites, so that you can look it up that way.
a few tips, if you are buying things in bulk bins, make sure you copy down the info or ask someone at the store for a handout with that information on it. and if you are searching apples and having a hard time finding it, try apple. in other words, if you can't find it plural, try the singular, and if you can't find the singular try it plural. if that doesn't work then check your spelling because spark only gives exact matches and won't suggest the next closest thing.

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5/13/13 1:39 P

in addition to the recipe calculator (which is awesome)--if you make a recipe in the sparkrecipe section, there is an option to add the food directly from the recipe page, Another thing i do is make food groupings---if i'm making a single serving. I put in the ingredients for the food separately the first time. then make a grouping of these ingredients. the next time all you have to do is enter the food group. I hope this helps!

5/13/13 1:07 P

And here is the direct link to the recipe calculator:

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
5/13/13 1:00 P

In your MyNutrition section, where you enter food there is a tab called "recipes". Click that and there will be a button that says "access recipe calculator". Here you can enter all of those ingredients, and then that there are 10 servings, and it will do the math for you! The next time you make that recipe, it will be saved under your recipes, so you can just select that recipe and log it like anything else you've eaten.

Hopefully that makes sense - if I wasn't clear just ask and I'll drink more coffee and clarify! :)

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5/13/13 12:53 P

I've been avoiding using the food tracker since I'm not sure how to use it. I've watched the video and can be successful for logging simple one ingredient or brand name foods. What I don't get is how to log "made from scratch" recipes. These usually include several ingredients which don't always come with labels and even if they have labels they're not products recognized by the tracker.

So, if I make a lentil soup, for example, which includes 8 ingredients none of which have labels, and the soup serves 10...I eat one serving, how to I track that?

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