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8/25/14 6:23 A

Who is your support system?
What is your exercise/activity level?
What exactly are you eating?

8/24/14 2:23 P

How are you doing with your exchange list???

I read your post about "fearing" some foods. While using the exchange list, it can help you to see how all foods can fit into your healthy eating, weight loss plan.

So, I was just checking in to see how it is going?

Your SP Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

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8/22/14 1:32 P

thank you for that site it shows a lot of stuff I didn't will print it off.
ihave been doin 1600 cals a day since I started losing weight in 2009.
I was at 400 lbs and then now im down to 262 but I use to be 250 so see its slowly
creeping back up..
I have always counted my calories..tried so many different ways at first and I got
so over whelmed I went back to counting instead..simple.
but now its not working..i know its me but that's why im trying the exchange again.
didn't have success once before..

I don't have any thyroid problems and my health has been checked out.
I have high blood pressure but nothing else.. bad knees and Gerd.
but other than that im doing great..

I don't want to get back to being a hermit for that is what was 5 yrs prior to 2009.
so that's why I want to start losing again but im hoping this time the scale will start going down..thank you for the site..

I don't always eat all my exchanges so that is something I need to work on.
Food is making me fear it...and so I hesitate to choose the right food due to not sure
which to choose..I must be crazy..

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8/22/14 6:34 A

Exchange lists have a long, extensive history; especially with being used for people with diabetes, and trying to lose weight.

But the key is determining the correct number for each exchange group to assure you are in the correct calorie amount; but also meeting needs for other nutrients.

This pdf link will provide you with more ideas on foods to select from each listing. You can probably find other samples by googling "exchange food list, diabetes".

Your plan does appear to be providing about 1500 calories and 70 grams of protein daily.
Are you eating "everything" on your plan and still experiencing hunger??? How many calories were you taking in prior to using this exchange list?

Your SP Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

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8/22/14 1:21 A

That's how Weight Watchers used to work way, way back in the days before it was a major corporation. I believe it was the Diabetes Association that started using the word "exchange," but really it's just an old fashioned balanced diet.

It should work if you follow it. It wouldn't be a bad idea to go over it with a doctor (or better yet, a Registered Dietitian recommended by your doctor) to be more confident that you're getting the right number of servings, and you'll also probably want to get a scale and a set of good measuring cups to make sure your servings are an appropriate size.

One nice thing about an exchange plan is that it has been around so long that there is all sorts of advice available. Googlling just a little, you can find hundreds of menu plans, support groups, cookbooks-- pretty much anything you're looking for.

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8/21/14 10:47 P

no I don't have a food list im trying to just figure it out..thanks for your input
for I hope it does get easier..

MOSSROSE4 Posts: 796
8/21/14 10:37 P

I have used an exchange plan with these exact amounts and did very well. Do you have food lists to go with each group? It does get easier!

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8/21/14 10:20 P

I think the exchange system is great when the correct exchanges are allotted to the specific individual.

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8/21/14 9:53 P

Has anyone ever used the Exchange system on their diet?
I count calories but someone mentioned to me they use this exchange system
where you watch your starches,milk,meat,veggies,fruit, fat

its not as easy for I have been doing it for only one week and I seem to
be trying to keep to what is a 1500 cals plan.

5 meats
6 starches
4 fruits
2 milk
4 veggies
4 Fats

so far im doing lousy at it..just curious as if anyone else is doing it or has tried it.


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