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8/15/13 4:54 P

i was trying to figure that out to now i just write out my list. emoticon

RRAYNER Posts: 1,063
7/30/13 9:21 A

emoticon I use a lot of the recipes on the planner and find them easy to prepare and tasty. Hope you're still enjoying SP. emoticon

JJAQUES41 Posts: 54
8/3/12 4:25 P

Hi, I posted this question on another message board but it hasn't been answered yet and may be more appropriate here.

I am using the meal plan option and printing the grocery list out weekly, which has been working great! I would like to start incorporating some sparkrecipes into the meal planning, which is easy to do, but how do I delete the entry for the automatic meal plan that has been put in place? As an example: the meal plan has assigned cheesy tuna with veggies, milk, etc for dinner one evening on a future date. On that date I want to use the meal plan for my breakfast and lunch, but want to use a sparkrecipe INSTEAD of the cheesy tuna with veggies for my dinner.

If there is no way to delete or deactivate this double-dinner, when I print the grocery list out for the future date my items and qtys are going to be inaccurately high.

Please help, I'll be doing next week's meal planning on Saturday and want to make sure I can correctly incorporate all the yummy spark recipes without hurting my grocery list, and ultimately my budget.

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7/19/12 12:15 P


You can add foods (recipes) to your meal planner up to seven days in advance. By adding in your recipes, you can then click on the grocery list for the week.

I hope this helps!
Coach Nancy

KATENU Posts: 2
7/19/12 12:10 P

Is there a way I can incorporate recipes in a plan for a week ahead and then extrapulate grocerie llists etc. from that.

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