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2/26/11 5:20 P

I agree its an ALL AROUND great food/product.
Here's an article discussing the use of Coconut Oil for Candida yeast which I know plagues so many women.

The Coconut Diet Anti-Yeast Program
In addition to Virgin Coconut Oil, if you suspect that you have a candida yeast overgrowth, we strongly recommend you supplement your diet with strong probiotics to balance the flora in your intestinal tract and rebuild your immune system. Traditional fermented foods are one of the best additions you can make to your diet, while eliminating refined sugars and simple carbohydrates that the yeasts feed upon.

Fermented milk called “Kefir”, a yogurt-like drink, is one traditional food originating from the Caucasus region of Central Asia and Turkey. It is best to make this drink yourself from real Kefir grains, rather than purchasing ready-made Kefir drinks, or kits that only contain “starter cultures” without the actual self-propagating Kefir grains. The best non-commercial website on Kefir, with links on where to obtain real Kefir grains, is: (VIEW LINK BELOW) run by Dominic N. Anfiteatro in Australia.

Other great traditional fermented foods and beverages would include sauerkraut, kimchee, chutney, and kombucha. Make sure they are not pasteurized, which would kill all the beneficial microorganisms.

So to summarize the Coconut Diet Anti-Yeast program:

1. Slowly work up to at least 3.5 tablespoons of Virgin Coconut Oil into one’s diet.

2. Add traditional fermented foods to one’s diet.

3. Eliminate sugars and simple carbohydrates (white breads, pasta, etc.) as much as possible from your diet.

At each step be aware that there could be “die-off” reactions as described above. Just slow down and decrease the rate of whatever you are doing at that time, or cut back altogether for a while, until your body adjusts.>  

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JOIELISA Posts: 68
2/26/11 12:26 P

Its an all around product!!!!

CHEETARA79 Posts: 3,919
2/25/11 10:55 A

This is probably not the answer you're looking for but coconut oil is great as a hair deep treatment. You can even mix it into a store-bought conditioner for an extra boost of moisture.

GLFCHIC Posts: 57
2/22/11 6:01 A

Emeraldgaze- this link you posted is great. I have such a hard time finding bison.

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2/22/11 4:08 A

I like using it to cook my cottage cheese pancakes, did NOT like eggs cooked in it! Meat is great cooked with it though.

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2/21/11 10:43 P

I use coconut oil for cooking - in everything. I also eat/drink 2 TBL for thyroid support and energy. If you go to you will find recipes, coconut based products and the tastiest coconut oil (gold label) ever!! I use coconut soap to bathe with too! Enjoy!

QUEENK16 Posts: 11
2/21/11 10:17 P

I've heard about all the benefits of coconut oil, but what do you use it in, besides desserts? I'd love to hear ideas or recipes.

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