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6/11/13 11:32 A

Just read through all of this... wow! Vacation is always a big stress reliever. Another thing that relieves stress that no one has mentioned is... sex. hehe. Try it sometime : emoticon

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6/11/13 3:34 A

I'm glad you managed a break - obviously it has done you the WORLD of good :-)


VIDYARP Posts: 256
6/10/13 11:24 P

Just came back from a week long vacation at a beach resort. I feel wonderful and ready to take on anything that life throws at me. And i have also started a 30 minute brisk walk routine in the mornings. It helps me to keep myself going through the day. I know i have a long way to go...but i am inching my way up slowly....and i am enjoying this "new" me so much more than the grumpy old me.

Thanks all...for helping me with this.

VIDYARP Posts: 256
5/5/13 11:43 P

Right, so its all Good news emoticon

Firstly, i saw my doctor on saturday and got a full check up done. I do have a thyroid problem thats causing all these aches and fatigue. My doctore recommended me to a nutrition specialist, with whom i discussed my eating habits, sleep and work pattern at length. She has sugggested some changes in my diet and i have been asked to incorporate a fitness routine...focusing on anything i love and can sustain. So i love to walk. Hence i am into a walking program starting tomorrow. So far so good. I am glad that things are moving.

Secondly, i am going to walk up to my boss today and tell him that i am going to take a few days off in June. I still need to figure what i will do during the hols, but we'll come to that later. I need to block my calendar for at least a week's vacation. So thats my agenda for the day.


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5/3/13 8:26 P

CITAYLOR - rather than beat yourself up, try patting yourself on the back instead. You have every reason to. You are 13lb lighter than you were a year ago, and that is no mean fete!!!

Don't focus on the scales - you mention that you have lost a few inches. Do you know what that indicates? It indicates that some of the 'perceived' loss of weigh is actually a development of new, stronger muscles. You have obviously lost some fat.... and THAT is reason to rejoice.

Scales are only ONE SMALL PART of this journey - other factors which are perhaps more important, are how your clothes fit (you have gotten smaller); your energy levels; your BP; your bloods, i.e. Cholesterol, Blood Sugars and Iron; the condition of your hair/skin, for improved fitness; the quality of your sleep; and the list goes on!

It doesn't matter that today you had cookies, pretzels and ice-cream. This is merely a healthy lifestyle - it is not about deprivation, starvation or over exercise. It is about wise choice of food MOST of the time; portion control; good hydration and getting in some regular exercise.

Unfortunately, stress can play a big part in our weight. I strongly suggest that you ensure that you get plenty of fruit/veges into your diet - particularly dark leafy greens - and quality protein - not from processed meats. Having a few nuts will help with healthy fats, and also for those little snacks during the day to help keep your energy from flagging. Another really important factor to deal with the stress from your finals, AND weight-loss journey, is to ensure that you get enough sleep, and some down time to rest your mind/body.

Good Luck,

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5/3/13 8:15 P

Im pretty low. Ive been trying to lose weight for more than a year. Ive lost 13 lbs in 1 whole year. I cut out sugar, meat, dairy. I lost a few pounds. I was walking a mile twice a week. Not much but surely it warrants more than 13 pounds in a year! I have been in school and finals are coming up. Maybe its stress related. Today I had cookies and pretzels and ice cream. So much for progress. Im starting a new tomorrow. Gonna join ATC fitness to ramp up my activity.

CILER11 Posts: 265
5/3/13 11:52 A

I'm glad you made an appointment and I agree you NEED to take a vacation. Even if you don't go anywhere or do anything exciting we all need to recharge from time to time. :)

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5/3/13 3:12 A

Glad to hear you've scheduled that appointment :-)

As far as "..should actually TRY to plan a short break ..." is concerned, why not "DO" rather than "TRY" :-)

.... and, yes please - DO keep in touch!


VIDYARP Posts: 256
5/2/13 11:53 P

Thank you all ...for your wise words. I just scheduled an appointment with my doctor...Its time for a checkup i guess.
And that you mention, i should actually try to plan a short break, a mini vacation sometime soon....that will surely be a wonderful change.

Thanks everyone and i will keep you posted on how things go...I already feel so good after hearing from you. At least i have a direction; something to look forward to.

5/2/13 6:32 P

Well, just from the little bit you just told us, from the glimpse at your weight loss tracker, and you expression of disappointment about your job...I'm wondering if you have problems with perfection. It seems like perfection is very important to you. You need to be perfect, your education needed to be perfect, your job needs to be perfect, the people who work with you need to be perfect...or you're disappointed.

I could be wrong (I am often wrong), but you might consider it...just in case. The problem with wanting everything to be perfect all the time is that it's exhausting to try to force your world to be that way and the only thing you're guaranteed is disappointment.

How about for just one day, you try to do things "good enough?" Not perfect...just good enough. See how that feels.

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5/2/13 3:38 P


I agree with others who've replied. When is the last time you had a full check up ? Being sick for a month isn't good. It implies your immune system isn't strong enough to fight off the germs. Stress will not only weaken your immune system, but it will raise your blood pressure to unhealthy levels too. And if you've been feeling fatigued after a good night's sleep, that's another reason to get checked out. Fatigue is a sign of heart disease in women.

To me, you sound like you're burning out. You've worked so hard to achieve your dream job and now that you have it, you've discovered it's not the dream you'd thought it be. Working for a major corporation definitely has its benefits. but it has its drawbacks too. corporate culture is dog eat dog. People are too obsessed with getting to the top and staying there. So, don't be upset because this is no longer appealing to you. a person can last only so long in an environment like this. You read about these things all the time i.e. people who get fed up with the rat race who quit to travel around the world.

Actually, when is the last time you had a vacation ? Sounds like you need some serious time off to recharge your depleted batteries. If you've been with the company for a while, you must have vacation time stashed away. If so, take a trip some where. If you don't think a vacation would help, then you have to start thinking about a career change. If this job is making you sick, you need to find something else. Lots of people change careers in their life. some involuntary because of lay offs. others because they are just fed up. Why not look at the local job listings and see what's out there ? Wouldn't hurt to update your resume and start circulating it. Looking for a new job might be just the pick me up you need.

But do talk to your doctor. do get your blood pressure checked to make sure you're okay.

FITGLAMGIRL Posts: 2,045
5/2/13 12:55 P

Wow it sounds like you are having a bit of a struggle. A job will never satisfy what is missing on the inside. It sounds to me like something is missing. You say this is your dream job that you waited all your life for and now it's not or not what you expected? I get the politics they will happen in any job you ever have. That's the bad news, but you CAN learn to accept those politics and navigate around them so to speak. You just first have to have the desire. I am not sure you have THAT desire.

You do need to get a handle on things since you say your performance is suffering somewhat or this dream job could become no more. Maybe start with what you do like about your job and go from there. Keep building on the greatness rather than focusing on the politics.

Also dig deep inside yourself if something is truly missing in your life and focus on how bringing that in could change your perspective. I am not saying God is missing in your life, but when I was off searching and lost I always went around in a circle and everytime I had lost focus on God. That was what was missing for me. Just saying!

Don't let your health and fitness go though, you will definitely regret that in the long run and you could end up with way more health issues that you didn't expect. I know when I was lost at one point in my life I focused on health and fitness since it was really the only thing I could control and it just brought an amazing focus and wellness into my life.

Good luck with whatever you do and decide, but remember all the money in the world isn't worth the stress of your life.

SIMPLELIFE2 Posts: 707
5/2/13 11:56 A

I agree with seeing your doctor for a complete checkup. If everything is OK, I would strive to find a better balance in my life before doing anything drastic, like quitting. Sometimes when we get caught in a rut of not eating well or exercising, it begins a downward spiral. You don't feel good and are exhausted so you don't have the energy to do anything positive toward your health and then you feel worse and do less and then feel worse...

You need to break out of the rut and force yourself to start making positive changes. I agree that small steps are the way to go. Pick one nutrition goal and one fitness goal each week and then keep those while adding another the next week. Pretty soon, you will have a lot of healthy habits that will put you back on the road to recovery. If you have a lot of stress, yoga and/or meditation might be a good starting point.

And sometimes you just have to fake it until you make it. You may not want to or feel like it, but just treat it like another aspect of your job. I'm sure there are things you don't like to do at work but just do them anyway because it's part of the job. Soon, you will start feeling better and you will want to make better choices because you feel so much better when you do.

Then, when you have a better grip on your health and wellness, if you still hate your job, perhaps you can transition to a different job or different field in a deliberative, structured way. If you feel stressed now, it's nothing compared to not having money or being able to pay your bills. I wish you well on your journey.

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5/2/13 6:30 A

I read your post and sense that there is perhaps a wee bit more than you have said. That 'wee bit more' sounds like perhaps you are suffering from depression, as opposed to 'feeling depressed.' I see you belong to the Thyroid Team. How long since you have had a blood test to see how that is going? OR if there is anything else medical going on which could cause you to feel like this?

How long since you have had time to have a breather - a wee bit of time to relax and unwind? Sometimes this can help improve a person's overall outlook on a situation.

What sort of foods are you eating? If you aren't making healthy choices with a variety of fruit/veges, protein, healthy fats and grains etc., then your body isn't getting the right food to sustain a person's health appropriately. It can cause a person to feel blaaa!

You have been unwell for the past month - again this can significantly impact on your outlook.

My suggestion to you is to make an appointment with your Dr - if nothing else, to rule out something medical influencing how you feel. It might be helpful to discuss possible Depression with him/her. There is a fairly easy basic screening test which doesn't long. If need be, your Dr can refer you to a Therapist to help you deal with your situation. They can be a marvelous resource (been there, done that!)

I also suggest that you reintroduce a healthy lifestyle - starting with baby steps. It is amazing how much good nutrition and some exercise can help. Perhaps even taking 10 minutes from your lunch break and going for a fairly brisk walk might just help to pick you up again!

IF none of that does the trick, and you still find that you feel the same about work, then perhaps looking for alternative work with perhaps a little less stress, might be helpful. Sometimes it is better to take a bit of a pay cut and actually enjoy your life, than to earn the top dollars and hate it. It just needs a wee bit of tweaking with your expenditure.

Good luck,

VIDYARP Posts: 256
5/2/13 2:19 A

I am so confused and upset with myself for allowing me to get into this situation. And if you hear me out, chances are you would think that i am a foolish girl...but i need your advice anyway...need some help ...any help...any direction

Ok - so i am a full time senior executive with one of the best companies in the world. I got this job last year in December and i thought i was the luckiest person on earth. This was my dream job for all these years...i got my dream designation, dream salary and everything. You would think i am in cloud nine! Sadly, i am not. And i dont know why, but the stress is getting to me...its not that the work is beyond me...i can do it and do it well...but somehow, the whole environment...the politics...the rat race...everything has reduced the sheen...and i find myself increasingly demotivated each and every passing much so that it has started affecting my performance and i know i cannot just leave it like this for any longer....but i cannot make myself focus on the work....i keep motivating myself through books, quotes, sparkpeople...but sadly havent got anywhere! And this has started telling on my health...
Last year, i had lost about 11 kgs in a span of 6 months through proper diet and exercise. I was happy with myself...but now i am this sad brooding person and i no longer care about my health....I dont exercise...i dont eat right...and i have been unwell for the past 1 month with no signs of recovering (flu got me down)...This is driving me nuts.
So i thought maybe i am burnt out...after all i have been doing this kind of work for 14 years now and maybe i am not able to sustain it any longer....but its not that. I know i can sustain the work...but i sooo dislike the work culture...and sometimes i worry that maybe i have become very complacent and lazy. Its not very clear to me if this is a case of burn out or laziness.
Whatever it is - fact remains i am sitting on my behind day after day and i do NOTHING. I have never been like this. I have always excelled in school, grabbed the highest grades in collage and worked sincerely all these years...i never wasted time and i never felt like this before.
I think of quitting, but that doesnt sound logical because i do earn a decent pay and i need the money to pay the bills...(you would think that should motivate me. the extent that i manage to do the bare minimum work thats required. Nothing more). I do have a family to support and need that income.

There...i have got it off my chest....Now anything you more than welcome.

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