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RUFUSRIO Posts: 234
7/25/11 11:46 A

Thanks guys! And to the others having trouble...hopefully I'll be back soon to post a success story! :)

SMASH637 Posts: 392
7/25/11 10:33 A

NIRERIN's right. It does take longer to lose those last few pounds, but try not to worry too much about eating toward the higher end of your calorie range. As long as you're making healthy choices and eating only when you're actually hungry, you should be fine. Good luck!

7/25/11 10:30 A

I have been having trouble, also, with staying in the lower range. It makes me want to try the maintenance thing, even though I'm not quite to my goal...

NIRERIN Posts: 14,275
7/25/11 7:26 A

the closer to your goal you are, the closer you need to be eating to your maintenance ranges. because with little to lose, your body can't take huge deficits anymore, and you need to be making little deficits and slowly working your way up to where you will maintain your weight.

RUFUSRIO Posts: 234
7/25/11 12:05 A

When I first started dieting I found it easy to stay at my lower calorie range (avg. about 1280 calories per day). But now I haven't had a 1280 day in soooo long. I usually end up at my upper range each day (~1550). I'm still losing, but slower! What gives?! And why can't I sustain anymore with the lower range? Is this physiologically true or do I just need more will power?!

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