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11/25/12 4:39 P

The more you burn, the more fuel your body needs. Plain and simple. Don't skimp on calories you consume because it could hurt your weight loss. Eating more to lose more seems counter-intuitive but it's necessary and important. Also - do you know if the amount you're burning is accurate? If you don't have one already, I would suggest getting a heart rate monitor so that you know for sure how many calories you burn each week, which takes the guess work out of everything.

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11/25/12 4:13 P

I have lost weight by staying within my recommended calorie range. I usually lose about 2 to 5 pounds a month. But I am considering upping my calorie burn since I am not losing as much weight as I would like to. I would rather lose 1 to 2 pounds a week.

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11/24/12 12:14 P

In order for you to remain healthy, though, your body does need to consume more than you burn. So if you burn that many calories per week (awesome!), you will need to eat a ton of food. Think of professional athletes. They eat mass quantities, but they also burn thousands of calories, like, every day.

HMILLY2020 Posts: 587
11/24/12 10:39 A

How often do you have to update your calorie intake on SP due to burning a lot of calories? I'm working on the class schedule that came with my copy of Turbo Fire and I find myself burning way more calories than what my plan on SP calls for and have to increase my food intake. I also usually burn an extra 110 from walking the dog (she needs her exercise too!). As of yesterday, I have burnt 2,732 calories and I still have today to exercise yet too to keep up on my TurboFire schedule but it won't be a "big burn day" since its 20 minutes of core and then 40 minutes stretch.

With my newest update to my fitness settings, SP wants me to eat 1580-1930 calories per day after I updated my profile to burn 2500 calories per week, which seems like so much food so I may try to keep it arounbd 1600 calories per day or so.

So who has had success in weight loss by sticking with the recommended calorie intake range?

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