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7/9/13 7:08 A

I have not used the Amazon appstore; but, here are a couple excerpts from their T&C that are relevant to the one of the issues you're having:

"2.1 General. After you order an App and pay any corresponding price to us, you may download a copy of the App for your personal use to a device on which you have installed and signed in to our Appstore Software."

"3.1 Appstore Software...If you uninstall the Appstore Software from your device or sign out of your account in the Appstore Software, you will not be able to access or use any Apps on your device that Publishers have protected with DRM" (digital rights management)

If you still have the Amazon Appstore software installed on your phone, I would recommend you uninstall the SP app and reinstall it to see if that gets it going again.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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7/8/13 6:12 P

I first downloaded the Spark app on my phone (a droid) and it worked great. Then I bought a tablet and I started using that more often than my phone, so when someone posted about the Spark app being Amazon App Store's freebie of the day I was happy to finally get it on my tablet. I downloaded that and it turns out the app had been updated and was way better than the original. So I deleted the old one off my phone and downloaded it from Amazon on my phone. Biggest. Mistake. Ever.

The Amazon version only works if you have their app store on the device!!! It repeatedly asks me to sign in to the app store to access the Spark app. (WTH!?) Then it stopped working all together on my tablet! So I was right where I started, only had the app on my phone. Oh well, right? Well this morning that stopped working also! It just says "internal error" and kicks me out. I've restarted my phone, cleaned it all up, etc., but the app (and only that app) will not work!

I just got home from the most awesome vacation ever!!! The kind where you spend the whole week eating, DRINKING, and floating around in the water without a care in the world. I came home with a sunburn and six extra pounds! It was my first "cheat week" in two years and totally worth it, but I must get back on track now. I really, really need my app!!!! Someone help! Please! emoticon

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