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4/21/11 12:49 P

That's a very good idea....we have done that in the past with other things. Don't know why I didn't think of that. Thank you for suggesting it!

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4/21/11 12:42 P

Can to go to a pharmist to discuss the meds before you go back to the Dr? Pharmists know so much more about medications/interactions then Drs do. Many drugs that are in pill form can be crushed and prepared into a suspention at the pharmists.

4/20/11 8:19 P

Thanks Luann. That's exactly where I was (and got that it came in liquid form) before I came here.

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4/20/11 7:31 P

4/20/11 5:24 P

Yes, I want to try the modified atkins diet..not the full Keto. But the doctor really threw me off guard with immediately saying to put her on meds. I already told her at our first visit that I didn't want to do that and she said she didn't push meds when it came to kids. I want to be armed with all the info when we go in on Monday.

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4/20/11 5:20 P

Have you considered a low-carb diet for your daughter? They are widely used for treating epilepsy in children and it is my understanding that they are very effective.

4/20/11 3:43 P

I promised I would come back and post what happened with my 7 year old daughter. She had a catscan and an eeg on Monday. I made a follow-up appt, but all I could get was May 13. Then I got a call from the dr today saying the eeg was abnormal...well, duh, I was there and helped her hyperventilate. I was hoping it would be abnormal or the test wouldn't have been any good. Anyway, the dr went straight into saying she wanted to put her on keppra...250 mg per day. I asked if it was in pill form and she said yes. I asked if it came in liquid or chewable and she said no. I thought it came in liquid, am I wrong? My daughter cannot swallow pills. The dr. said this is a problem and now we need to go in on Monday to discuss options.

So, I have read everything about Keppra. I'm not sure this is a good option for us, but I'm not sure it's not. I know about mood changes and rashes. It seems almost everyone says their kids mood changed drastically. My daughter is already moody and nasty a good percentage of time. Ha!

I also started her on Omega 3 today. Will this interfere with the absorption of Keppra if we do go with it? She only started a small does of Omega 3 so I could just not continue if it will interfere.

Has anyone had successful treatment with Keppra for absence seizures? Can it cause grand mal seizures?

Should I get a bracelet for her? Just stating that she has epilepsy or also the meds she is on? Kind of drastic to get the medicine on it if it might important is it to get one? She is only having absence seizures at this time.

I really want to hear whatever you have to offer. Thanks!

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