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11/29/13 8:18 P

A few weeks ago, I read the book "Made to Crave". It has a decidedly Christian bent, so know that up front. But it has really helped me see WHY I'm eating too much & the wrong kinds of foods. It also helped me find a focus for those craving times. She also has a30 day mini devotional that you can get emailed to you. That really kept the inspiration coming for me!
I hope this helps.
Blessings, Anita

11/27/13 6:30 P

No matter what you do, you'll encounter contention. I'm still searching for motivation to stick to ANY kind of plan. Do what you can.

11/26/13 9:01 P

Juicing is not going to give you all the nutrients you need.
you may want to try our 4-week, Break the Sugar Addiction Plan

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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11/26/13 4:04 P

Cutting sweets out of your diet sounds like a good plan. If you maintain that for a couple of weeks, the cravings will go away.

Juicing is not really very healthy. You are consuming all of the sugar in fruits and vegetables while taking away the good fiber. Juicing can actually be a fairly high-carb diet and you are unlikely to get the proper amount of protein. Doing it for a couple of days probably wouldn't hurt you (though the whole idea behind this is generally detox, which is silly because your body is not "toxic" to begin with) but a whole month could cause you problems.

What about working to add more whole fruits and vegetables to your diet?

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11/26/13 12:04 P

My issue with the Juicing for 30 days is that it doesn't teach you anything. I might be totally off base here, but for me this is about learning new eating habits. Learning to replace a snack of cookies for a snack of popcorn, or an apple. Instead of a dinner of fettuccine alfredo, I now lean towards chicken breast with grilled veggies.

I like the whole thought pattern posted above of: If you couldn't buy it in a store during WWII, it's off the menu.

Those kind of eating habits (non processed, over sugared foods) for me, helps more in the long run.

I equate it like the Special K works in a pinch to lose 8 pounds, but unless you can eat Special K every day for the rest of your life, what did it teach you?

I guess it's a personal choice in the long run and wish you luck. I'm interested to know how you make out on it.

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11/26/13 11:31 A

Ok, so don't eat crap. You've already shown that you have a ton of willpower in order to cut soda entirely out in about 3 weeks. Great job!

The concerns with juice diets are valid. Whole fruits have fiber and other minerals that keep your body from digesting the sugar in the fruit immediately. Juicing removes those elements so each glass of juice ends up being a massive sugar spike that sends your insulin response completely out of wack, leading to cravings, overeating, etc. Instead of juicing for 30 days, try spending 30 days eating nothing that came in a cardboard box. I'm thinking whole fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, eggs, etc. If you couldn't buy it in a store during WWII, it's off the menu.

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11/26/13 11:21 A

" I need to cut out sweets completely to get rid of their grip on my diet, to no longer crave them. I've all ready cut out pop, two weeks without it, not even missing it."

Do this. You'll get a lot of support for this. I did this myself and am still here to say it really does work well for some people. My mainstay fuel for snacks and at least one "meal" a day used to be muffins, ice cream, and boxes upon boxes of cereal. I could barely even imagine trying to go without. I haven't eaten a muffin since last December, I've had ice cream exactly once during that time back in July, and I currently have one serving or less of cereal about five times a week. Speaking personally, my sweets cravings were all but gone in just 3 or 4 DAYS, not weeks, not months, days. From there it was just a matter of not giving in to mental habit until I could easily walk into and out of a deli without even noticing the pastries most of the time. After six weeks to two months I noticed my taste buds had changed such that many sweet things (especially if highly processed) don't even appeal any more once they're in my mouth. I do now eat some sweet things, in small amounts, or on rare occasions, but the habit has never come back.

So do this. By all means do this and cut out sweets cold turkey (for a while, or indefinitely) if you think it might help. You will get few objections and a ton of encouragement.

People are responding negatively to the juice fast for a few reasons: it's not necessary (simply cutting out the sweets themselves suffices), it might backfire and make cravings worse (juices by definition contain all of the sugar that is in a fruit or a vegetable and pretty much nothing else besides the vitamins), and it is very unhealthy to boot. But bottom line: if you do this you are trying to knock out a sugar habit by reducing your intake for a month to nothing but sugar -- not a good idea! Just commit to eating no sweets or sweet snacks or things with lots of added sugar (some yogurts, for instance) for a week. That might be all it takes.

Edit: And congratulations on the pop. by the way. If you can do that you can do the rest. Stock up on some extra non-sweet snacks, eat more at meals and so on for the first little bit you're doing this (unless your'e committed to cutting calories at the same time, because if you've been using this stuff for a lot of your calories, you'll be hungry at first from letting it go. Shoot I think I might just eat more actual FOOD now than I did a year ago now that I'm in maintenance, though that wasn't the case while I was still losing.)

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11/26/13 10:19 A

Never mind. If i could delete this thread I would.

I'm judged for being fat, I'm judged for trying to get healthy. I need to cut out sweets completely to get rid of their grip on my diet, to no longer crave them. I've all ready cut out pop, two weeks without it, not even missing it.

I'm tired of hearing people tell me "you don't have to stop eating them, just eat less of them. Don't be so hard on yourself"

No one tells an alcoholic, "you're being too hard on yourself, you can have a little drink"

I was raised to where it's rude to refuse to eat something offered to you. I need to do something drastic to break this grip that food has on my life. I need to stop craving it so that it's only fuel, so that I can approach food without fear.

I can't NOT eat but i'm terrified of every bite i take, doesn't matter what it is.

I see this fast as a way to get out from under that grip. This isn't just a food fast for me, but a spiritual one. I need to let go of these food fears but I don't feel i can pray for help in refocusing my eating habits while I'm filling my body with junk.

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11/26/13 9:53 A

I think that a 30 day juice fast is a terrible idea for all the reasons already listed and also because you are using it as an excuse not to start now.
I think you are setting yourself up for failure.
If you can't stop eating brownies after one then a better choice than having one is to have none and not even have items like that in your house.
Give your cupboards a healthy makeover.
Get rid of the junk and bring in the healthy stuff.

11/26/13 8:58 A

I wouldn't recommend a juice fast. You are getting all the sugar but without all the best minerals & fiber from the fruits and veggies. Why go that extreme?

If you can't handle eating sugar without a binge, you can do a sugar detox. It's helped myself and other members here. Just cut out any food with "added" sugar. Milk and yogurt, etc. have naturally occurring sugar which is fine, it's the added that you watch out for. It's surprising how many names sugar goes by in an ingredient list! I was looking for diced tomatoes the other day, checked the ingredient list and there was high fructose corn syrup in there...I was amazed and disgusted, luckily found a brand w/out it.

Anyway, if you do the sugar detox thing you get more control over eating sugar. Make sure you aren't eating any artificial sugar (splenda, etc.) either, since that can trigger a binge. Once you've done it for a month you can break the binge cycle and enjoy treats in moderation.

(or you end up like me, and not have any craving for brownies at all!)

good non-added sugar after dinner treats:
- plain 2% greek yogurt with almond slivers
- fresh or frozen fruit with yogurt (I love yogurt LOL)
- popcorn
- tea
- smoothie with real fruit

good luck! I know some people do the juicing thing and good luck if you go that route...I just don't think you need to go there to break the sugar cycle.

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11/26/13 8:58 A

When you return to eating real food, how is the juice fast going to benefit? You'll have deprived yourself for days..

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11/26/13 8:49 A

I'm realizing that I let food control me rather than fuel me. I never believed the whole "food addiction" thing until I realized it's where I turn no matter what is going on.

Had a great day,eat, Had a bad day, eat. Bored, eat, Sad, eat. I am an emotional eater, but it's not one specific emotion it's all of them.

I've read that you're not suppose to cut foods completely from your diet because you'll miss them and binge on them. So I don't. If I'm below my calorie range for that day, i'll let myself have that brownie. But then before I know it, I've eaten three and I wasn't even really hungry for the first one.

I have decided that this January (waiting till January because i'm getting a juicer for christmas from my father and step mom) that I'm going to do a 30 day juice fast. I'm hoping this time will help me to stop leaning on food for comfort, help me to stop letting food control me, and learn to fuel my body.

My question: Has anyone done a juice for or juice to help get themselves more fruits and veggies with their regular diet (something I plan to do after the fast)?

Any favorite recipes?

And how bad is the fast? I've hear day 2 and 3 suck and then you feel great.

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