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2/24/13 10:17 A

Thanks so much. And it is awesome! I'm so happy it's happening and growing.

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2/24/13 10:11 A

haha, The Passion, our rivals. But they do have a pretty sweet thing going on in Pittsburgh. Very organized, large fan base, huge team.

2/24/13 9:35 A

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2/23/13 12:57 A

Congratulations :) I used to like to play flag football when I was a kid. It's cool that there are tackle football teams for girls now.

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2/22/13 11:58 P

Wow, that's great!!!!!

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,527
2/22/13 11:51 P

Congratulations, it is good to find a physical activity that you really enjoy.

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2/22/13 8:53 P

This is awesome. We have a couple of women's football teams in Kansas City, which I thought was also pretty unusual (and good).

Congratulations! Keep up the great work!

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2/22/13 4:03 P

Just wanted to help spread the word that International competition in women's tackle football exists! The United States has just announced their roster for the 2013 team who are going to be competing in Finland in July! I was lucky enough to be able to tryout and I made the team! Thanks to football and working out for keeping me active and healthy! It also really helps to have useful programs and communities such as Spark People. I have attached a link to my page so you guys can see my football journey and learn more about the team!

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