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4/14/13 1:10 P

Good question about calories burned. I have no clue. I was thinking more about how the unicycle worked the core and helping to strengthen your balance. I thought it could be interesting to do, especially since I'm not big into group exercising (like yoga, zumba, etc.). I prefer solitary activities.

Calories burned from unicycling:

The website I looked at:

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4/14/13 11:54 A

Actually, wouldn't one wheel mean less of the machine doing the work for you, so more calories burned (especially when figuring in your need for balance)?

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4/14/13 11:38 A

only one wheel so only uses half the calories?

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4/13/13 9:03 P

Out of curiosity, I looked up unicycles and realized that there are as many different types of unicycles as there are regular bikes. I think it could be interesting to own and learn how to ride a unicycle. I mean, really, how many people can say that they are able to ride a unicycle? Sure, it's not something you put on your resume but it's still impressive.

Anyway, does anyone here ride the unicycle? How long did it take you to learn to ride it? Does it work your core fairly well (can you feel it)? Anything thoughts on unicycles?

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