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3/21/12 11:40 A

Glad to hear it's probably nothing serious! Maybe you just need a routine change to shake your body up and kick it back into gear. Good luck!

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3/20/12 6:47 P

Thats great to hear!!!! Add more or switch to a diff excerise. Glad its nothing serious!

3/20/12 6:16 P

I saw the doctor today and he ruled out anything serious with the exception of a thyroid problem. The blood work won't be back on that until the end of the week. However, he doubts that's the problem. He says this is really common when people have lost a large amount of weight. The body suddenly freaks out and goes into starvation mode and wants to hang on to everything. He suggested adding more exercise.

BWHITE12603 Posts: 1
3/20/12 5:23 P

I had this happen to me when I had lost a little over 30 pounds at about 1-2 pounds per week. My husband and I had dinner out shortly after I started gaining the weight, and I had a bowl of all-meat chili, some cheese fries and a salad for dinner, which was quite a bit more calories than I had been eating at a single meal. A couple of days later, I had lost 2 pounds and continued back on my slow but sure weight loss.

Since then, I have found that a single higher-calorie meal, usually every Friday evening, seems to kick my weight loss back in. If I don't do this one meal, I seem to stay flat or gain. I guess the idea of a cheat day really works, even though I confine it to a single meal of whatever I am really, really missing.

I sure hope its as simple as that and is not an actual medical issue.

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3/20/12 11:15 A

Please keep us posted on what your doctor has to say!

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3/20/12 11:03 A

Aww! Good luck at your doctor's appointment - I hope they can figure out what's wrong!

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3/19/12 5:05 P


While I am sure you are aware that none of us are in the position to even begin to speculate as to the cause of this weight gain, however with this amount of weight gain in a very short period of time, I would recommend you contact your doctor and see what he/she has to say.

Coach Nancy

3/19/12 2:25 P

Thanks for the advice, everyone! My weigh-in today showed another 4 1/2 pound gain for the week.

As I mention, I am going to see my doctor tomorrow to rule out anything medical since this is highly unusual for me. If everything is fine I will definitely take your suggestions to change it up a bit. I'm not sure exactly how I will do that, but I'll think of something. Maybe I'll try adding in more exercise.

This is just so discouraging. My weight loss has been incredibly slow, but at least it has been steady. It's taken me a year and a half to get 55 pounds off which is an average of only 3 pounds per month. So, in just a few weeks I've undone about four months of work--without going back to my old ways of eating. Sigh. Nothing can be done about that now, I guess.

Thanks again for all the help.

3/19/12 1:56 P

All great advice here. Good thing you are seeing your doctor because
as an RN I immediately think, CHF, hypothyroidism, or kidney problems, or some glandular disorder since the weight gain is so high and sudden. I hope it's none of these or any other illness.

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3/19/12 1:46 P

If nothing has changed, that may very well be the problem. Have you updated your fitness goals here on Sparkpeople? I was unaware of this myself until a few weeks ago, but I found out that you need to update your goals periodically (even if you don't actually change anything, just save the page) since Sparkpeople doesn't adjust automatically as you lose weight.

I dropped 200 calories a week after I did that, because I'd lost 18 lbs, and my calorie needs have changed, even though I haven't changed anything myself.

There's too many variables to guess what might be causing your particular gain, though. It's also possible that you may be plateauing, in a way, because your body is used to your routine. As we exercise, we become more efficient at exercising... and thus burn fewer calories. It's possible that you may also be overestimating your calorie burn, if you haven't changed up your routine in a while.

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3/19/12 12:07 P

I think you are wise to see your doctor to rule out anything "bad".

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3/19/12 11:54 A

I stand by my post emoticon

Hope the Dr's appt goes ok and really think you need to change up what you've been doing. but please keep us posted !!

3/19/12 11:30 A

Thanks everyone for your responses. Here is a bit more information:

It's not my TOM and I don't take any medications (BC or otherwise). I haven't increased my amount of exercise. I don't have any chronic health problems. I am completely baffled. I made an appointment with my doctor just to rule out anything serious, but other than watching the scale climb dramatically I'm not noticing any other changes.

I weigh myself every morning, but I only record my weight once a week when I have my weekly weigh-in with my support group. I don't get concerned about regular day-to-day fluctuations, but this has been a constant and steady increase. My *weekly* weight increases have been 4 pounds, followed by 1.8 pounds the next week, followed by whatever it turns out to be today (I'll know an about an hour or so), but based on my home scale I'd estimate somewhere around 5-6 pounds.

I know it's virtually impossible to gain fat that quickly, so it's probably water. But even so that's a lot of water gain in a really short period of time and it is completely abnormal for me.

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3/19/12 10:37 A


Not to get personal, but is it TOM ? It's not unusual for women to pack on water weight during their menstrual cycle. I can typically gain 5-7 pounds. This last time (because of peri menopausal symptoms), I probably packed on close to 8-9 ! So, if you know you haven't eaten all that extra food, then we have to consider why you're retaining water.

TOM is the most common reason in women, but there are others. Did you change birth control ? I know women who changed BC and ended up gaining weight even though their eating habits didn't change. Some gained as much as 10 pounds of water weight. If you changed BC or even any medication you take, that might be one cause of water retention.

Did you increase the amount of exercise you do ? If you did intense exercise like strength training, that can cause water retention too. When we work our muscles intensely, they soak up water like a sponge. this is normal and what they are supposed to do. Eventually, your muscles will release any excess water.

If you don't think your water weight increase could be caused by any of the above, then you might walk to talk to your doctor, just in case.

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3/19/12 9:10 A

Hi there,

Don't worry.... I saw you say " I havent changed my diet t all" Maybe after your AMAZING weight loss so far (fantastic BTW) You need exactly that. A Change.

I have only lost 10 pounds but... its been a month and for the longest time I had gained 3 pounds and then the scale froze. So last week I decided to take a brake from working out and I had a cheat day where I CHEATED and once I relaxed the scale dropped 5 more pounds emoticon

Try relaxing, or a different workout, or change up your diet. You may have become adjusted to what you have been doing ober the year and need to shock your system.

You got this, no worries!!!!

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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3/19/12 9:10 A

It's probably not fat gain. Is it your time of the month? it's not uncommon for women to gain a bit of water weight while they're on their period!

Weighing daily isn't very useful, either way, because weight isn't a static number. It's a vital sign, like your blood pressure. Sparkpeople doesn't recommend that you weigh more than once a week for this reason. You can gain and lose several lbs, even within the same day!

Have you added any exercise or otherwise changed your routine?

3/19/12 8:58 A

I have been losing slowly, but steadily for over a year. But all of the sudden my weight is shooting up. In the last 3-4 weeks I've gained over 10 pounds--and at least 5 of that was in the last week. Every morning this week I've gotten up and weight myself and my weight has gone up another pound or so. I can't figure out what's going on or what to do about it.

I haven't changed my diet at all--and there is absolutely no way I've eaten 17,500 *extra* calories just this week. I am so frustrated--and concerned.

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