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12/3/12 11:12 P

Here are some links that you may find helpful re prescription costs:

You can but try!!!


TULIPVIC Posts: 1,281
12/3/12 10:53 P

Thank you everyone so much for all your suggestions. Today I have walked once in the afternoon and once with Hubby in the evening to look at Christmas lights in the neighborhood. We were busy today trying to find a drugstore that would have our RXs at a price we could afford. We also got a few samples from the doc to get him through for one RX for awhile. Nothing for me though. We also went insurance shopping but I don`t know how we can afford that. I had choir practice later and now I am on the computer till I go to bed. I am going to do better. I know I will with all the support I have here! Love you Sparkers!

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12/3/12 8:08 P

I'm so sorry you are going through a tough time. This post caught my eye because it describes pretty much how I felt for much of this year. It's so hard to stay motivated when life gets tough. I know exactly that constant hunger feeling you describe - the things that helped me were distracting myself with walks/workouts, meeting up with friends (without spending any money, of course), and hot tea.

There are so many other wonderful things that others have posted, so I won't repeat too much, but I wish you all the best! You can stick with it even in challenging times!

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12/3/12 7:57 P

The best advice I can think of is:

1.) Have faith in yourself, and count all the ways that you are a strong person.
2.) Remember: "This too shall pass."
3.) Make a list of everything that you are grateful for. (I know at first this sounds counter-intuitive, but after losing a very close family member, this helped me tremendously.)

Lastly, visit Sparkpeople often. We're here to support you emoticon

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12/3/12 4:01 P

I am very sorry to hear that your husband lost his job. We have been in this situation ourselves, and I know that it is no picnic!

This is a time that both you and your husband need to sit down and make a plan of how you are going to get through this.

Look at your budget and cross out what isn't necessary, with perhaps a little for the occasional treat.

Don't go getting into debt with presents at Xmas. Instead, if you normally give gifts, look at baking or some little craft you can make, or some inexpensive token rather than a big splurge. This will save a lot of debt and extra stress after Xmas.

Look at the food items you eat. Are you able to substitute some meats with lentils and chopped up veges? Casseroles and soups are great for this. I do this all the time and it really saves loads on the grocery bill.

Buy your meat/veges and pantry goods, when on good specials, bulk cook the casseroles/soups and freeze them in individual serve containers. This saves a lot of money including on power/gas, and actually saves you time. You are more likely to eat healthy rather than making some poorer choices.

Are you both able to look for some volunteer work? This can work wonders when someone is trying to find paid work because often you hear of someone looking for an employee via this method. It also shows a prospective employer that you are prepared to get out and do something rather than sit on your butt and wait for work to come to you!

Make sure that you and your husband get some TOGETHER time. Go out for walks - take a picnic and go for a 'date'. You will find that you are less likely to squabble, and you will both be more emotionally relaxed.

Lastly, remember resorting to food doesn't solve any problem but can and does add to them. It can make a person feel guilty; contribute to building a low esteem and cause weight issues again. It also adds to the food bill! Why undo the good work that you have done?

Good luck, and BIG hugs,

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12/3/12 10:35 A


Take things one day at a time. I know how it feels to lose your job. I was laid off from my job in July. I've been looking for a full time job since then and it isn't easy. It's a tough economy. And I'm worried too. You do the best you can. Try to stay positive. That's all of any of us can do. Yes, I'm on a budget and have to watch my pennies. There are ways to economize. So, don't give up hope ! Things will improve, but yeah, it may take time.

I know it's an extremely stressful time for you and your hubby. This may not seem like much, but make it a point to take a walk every day. I walk regularly to get out of the house so that I don't get depressed about the fact that I'm still looking for work. walking is one small way to reduce some of that stress you're feeling. If you continue to eat, you're going to end up even more depressed. Don't let that happen. Try to moderate your eating habits. take that daily walk. go to the gym if you still have a membership. Do things to keep yourself busy. that will help keep your mind off food. Reply to threads in the Spark Forums !
That's another great way to help people and keep yourself busy.


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12/3/12 9:56 A

Sorry for the hard times you are facing. There is not mUch I can say that has not already been said. Focus more on the exercise rather than the food and you will come through this rough time. Know that there are people here for you and that you are not alone.

Good luck with your journey.

emoticon emoticon

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12/3/12 9:02 A


I am so sorry for your husband's job loss. Trust me, it can cause quite the tension in the home. We went through this scenario in 2009 and I can attest it can make staying motivated even more of a challenge, BUT it does not have to defeat you. For me, my diet and exercise routine were two things I was able to control when there was little else I could control. I took time to get in some really good workouts with my husband. Not only were we able to get out and enjoy the fresh air, the serotonin from a brisk walked really helped with the stress.

Remember too, that food is never a substitute for us going through the emotions in life. If you need to cry--cry. If you need to vent and can call a friend--do so. If you need to come to the message boards for support, then know we are here for you.

Hang in there and I will have you in my prayers.

Coach Nancy

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12/3/12 8:47 A

You are in a tough situation! Instead of trying to get comfort from food, how about getting out and about and moving? Not only will being active get you away from the food, but the exercise will help. Or, what other things might give you some comfort - besides food. The downward spiral will just get worse. Pull yourself up and take it hour by hour. Wishing you the very best!!

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12/3/12 8:23 A

My hubby lost his job a few weeks ago. Since then we have not gotten any unemployment money yet and have been using what little savings we have to live on. This is causing a lot of tension between us and things are not happy and harmonious around here. It has set me off into a frenzy of eating because now I feel hungry all the time. I have plateaued for at least 8 months and finally started losing again after working really hard at it, and now it`s all back again. I just feel real bad about myself right now and I can`t be the smiley sunshiny person I try to be because there`s just too much going on making me, and us unhappy. I just want to keep my losing streak going and stop eating!!!! Help!

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