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6/18/10 3:44 P

I eat about 300 calories more during PMS.

I tend to eat 1/4-1/2 avocado and 1 cup pineapple each day ... it helps get in that little kick in the calories, and has compounds to help with PMS.

And those extra calories don't affect my weight loss.

I also choose more iron-rich foods to help counterbalance the blood loss.

6/18/10 7:26 A

Thank you I will have to try the Hoodia. Not sure on the popcorn I suppose I can try that as well I have never been a big fan of popcorn. I do log everything which is why I know how things spike :-/

6/18/10 1:21 A

I agree with the popcorn. I usually get the 100 cal Kettle corn popcorn since it is a little sweet and a little salty, it satisfies both junk food cravings. If you know ahead that you will get cravings, maybe you could have a few portion sized snacks to munch on. You can prepackage yourself, if you do it when you aren't hungry.For me that is usually just after grocery shopping. So I get home, and prepare all of my food, and then it is done for the week. There are also single serving snacks for sale.(I sometimes get one bag of BBQ chips in a single serving package, so I can splurge but not break bank).

Whatever you do, remember to log what you eat. It is better to know how bad and be able to recoup the next day or week, than to ignore it and just keep going.

6/18/10 1:12 A

I take a Hoodia supplement around that time. it helps me take control of my appetite and cravings. you could give it a go :)

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6/17/10 10:06 P

I get a lot of cravings with PMS, too. I try to plan extra snacks into my daily meal plan for those days. I stay within my range, but plan some extra salty or sweet things into my meals or snacks. It's still tough to beat those cravings, but it does help. I always want salty snacks then, so I try to go for 100 cal popcorn or my favorite, BBQ PopChips. A tablespoon or 2 of dark chocolate chips can help kick a chocolate craving.

Good luck! emoticon

6/17/10 9:58 P

I do really well for a while and than hit this PMS period where I get uncontrollable gravings to just eat sometimes I feel like I could eat anything in sight. How do you get that under control? My goal calories are to Consume between 1250 & 1550 calories per day so not much for hormonal crazy eating.

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