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3/8/13 12:05 P

Thanks LOVEXAVIE. Very insightful post. :)

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3/8/13 10:47 A


If you like peas, have you ever tried sugar snap peas? They are delicious! Just be sure to buy the stringless variety or de-string yourself. And I have found that like a lot of things in life, there is a difference in quality amongst veggies. If you can find a farmer's market, you may find quality there that surpasses the supermarket - just depends on the farmer's market and the supermarket, of course. I like the brand Mann's for bagged sugar snap peas. You eat the whole pea pod, and it has a delicate texture and a sweet taste. A lot of people who don't like veggies like these.

Now that we are headed into spring, it's a great time of year for increased produce selection quality. Maybe try some strawberries from a strawberry stand. I know where I live, the taste can be night & day sometimes between the stand varieties and the supermarket offerings.

It's like that w/ tomatoes: if you have one from your garden it can't compare to the often tasteless ones in the market -those are usually picked way too soon.

If you don't like sweet potatoes, how about a yam? Great source of vitamins. Either make as a baked 'potato' or do I as do and slice up, nuke a bit in the microwave so they're not hard and eat 'em up. You can also take those slices and put a little olive oil and salt on them and bake or put under the broiler - like homemade potato chips only more yummy and better for you!

Experiment w/different stores around you to find the best quality. If you have a Gelson's near you, they are quite good, albeit on the pricey side. For me, if it means I will actually eat it and eat more of it, it's worth the price. I will skimp on other things elsewhere.

I'm not out to convert you, but I have to be honest here: while I was not a huge fan of veggies myself when I stared, I listened to what I kept hearing on this site and since what I was doing before Sparks wasn't working, I decided to give it a go and aim for 6-9 servings of fruit and veggies a day. To someone who doesn't like either, that sounds totally not doable, I know.

But guess what - it made 100% all the difference and the pounds not only dropped off almost effortlessly I was able to eat a lot more than ever before while "dieting." Seriously! Gone was the torture of previous weight loss attempts. Needless to say, I love my fruits and veggies now because of what they do for me. I've even developed a fondness for their taste and like them now!

Maybe make as one of your Spark goals an effort to try just one new fruit or veggie a week (or every 2 wks to start).

Growing up, I had the most white-bread / plain tastes around! But I have learned to change and my change didn't occur until my thirties. Anyone can broaden their culinary horizons if they just try it a little at a time and have an adventurous spirit. Stuff I hated long ago I love now. I don't love every single thing on the planet, nor do you need to, but I certainly love a lot more stuff than I did.

The last bit of advice is to never, ever go below 1200 calories. You don't want to screw up your metabolism and make it even harder to lose or maintain weight. I routinely ate at the high end of my range and often over and was more satisfied and happier (again, thank you, veggies!). You really do need to eat to lose. It's a horrible myth that you need to starve to lose.

You really don't want to aspire to be like your friend on Medifast who pounds down the junk food. Her weight loss will not be sustainable and regardless, she will not be healthy w/ eating patterns as these. A little 'junk' here and there is not a problem when you are eating healthy 80-85% of the time.

Good luck to you and I hope your journey is a good one!

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3/8/13 9:07 A

Yeah, not sure where they come up with some of these I will check out that info now :)

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3/8/13 1:41 A

You guys have some hard-case names for various food outlets - LOL!

As far as Egg Rolls are concerned, what applies to other things applies to these. Look around because they are NOT all created equal.

Below is a link that you may find helpful but scroll down to the "Ingredient specific calorie information from our recipes:" because there are big discrepancies in the member-submitted recipes:

Check out the various recipes and outlets because there is a HUGE difference between them, nutritionally.


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3/7/13 9:16 P

She hasn't lost any more since, and she has only gained a couple of pounds. But she hasn't been off very long. She quit because of the expense. I was shocked she did it. She can eat. If she goes to sneaky petes ( a hot dog place in case you didn't know) she will get 5 and eat them all at once. I have seen her eat 8 krispy kreme donuts (before lunch), 2 king size milky ways at one kidding. If she can do it, I feel confident I can...

I do have a question about chinese food. Are egg rolls really bad for you...and something like pepper steak or mongolian beef?

I did take into consideration what everyone was saying about my calorie intake and made myself eat a little more at dinner. Unfortunately it was and an extra piece of bread.

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3/7/13 6:58 P

I know a person who absolutely HATED spinach, until his new wife cooked it and put plain unsweeted yoghurt with it. I don't like it cooked unless it has a tiny little bit of ground nutmeg sprinkled in - just the smallest pinch. My daughter HATES pumpkin, UNLESS it is made into a soup with curry - I like it with a little garlic and nutmeg added. . A couple years ago, some members were talking about broccoli. I love it steamed el dente - others could only eat it if it had a small squeeze of lemon juice on it. Others went the cheese sauce route. Beans and peas are very healthy. Peas are high in fibre and protein. I have made a 'creamed' pea soup using minted peas, some potato with the skin still on, and tasty cheddar. It is yummy and filling. Have you ever tried smoked chicken? It doesn't taste TOO different to ham, but just enough that you know that it is different. Added to avocado and salad it makes a wonderful sandwich filling. Do you like jelly? IF you do, then pureeing some fruit and adding it to the jelly would be a way of getting in some extra fruit. When I was a cook at a Rest Home I used to do this with apples, or banana, rhubarb, peaches or pears to help them get in that little bit extra. It just comes down to experimenting.

As far as Medifast is concerned, it is a dangerously low-calorie diet - the brain alone NEEDS 500 calories to function, (and so that only leaves about 300 calories for the rest of the body), and the brain also NEEDS the carbs because that is what it functions on - not the protein, which is very high at the expense of the carbs, which is very low. This sort of diet can set a person up for renal issues as well as gallstones. I know it isn't meant for the long term, and that is part of the problem. It doesn't actually teach about healthy eating which you will need to sustain your healthy lifestyle. Your boss lost a lot of weight in a short time - how did it go when she went off the plan? A lot of people regain.

Good luck,

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3/7/13 5:35 P

i am picky too. don't let your pickiness be the reason not to be healthy. i would have a hard time eating only a 100 calorie granola bar for lunch. i wouldn't be able to keep that up long term.

maybe just keep trying different things. even if you don't like something the first time, maybe try cooking it a different way. start small-finely diced veggies in soups or stir fry so you can barely taste them. maybe a soup or sauce with pureed veggies.

maybe try one new fruit and veggie a week. sparks has lots of great recipes on their website.

good luck.

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3/7/13 5:34 P

Bummer about the

Everyone is saying under 1200 calories is bad, but my boss went to medifast and they had her on an 800 calorie diet. How can they do that? She did lose 40 pounds over about 3 months time. They didn't do blood work on her either. Maybe in the beginning but never after the initial time.

3/7/13 5:27 P

Oh gosh, I was in the same boat the other week. Had to turn pizza down when I didn't have the calories for it. I'm really worried for you though. Under 1200 calories a day is dangerous though so I hope you consider upping them. If you aren't getting enough calories your body will start to break down to fuel itself, and I am not talking about it using your fat. More like your muscles, etc. Not to mention all the other issues it will cause you. Nutritional deficiencies, thyroid issues, wacked hormone levels, weight GAIN. The list goes on! Also, corn isn't a veggie but is a grain. I hope you are able to find more veggies that you do like! Take care of yourself.

NEWLISA2013 Posts: 69
3/7/13 5:02 P

Very informative ARCHIMEDESII, thank you. I do like salad and when I do eat it, it is usually romaine or triple hearts. Baby spinach=yuck. And I eat light italian or vinagerette. Those are the only 2 dressings I like.

My dislikes do not come from me not trying the foods. I have tried to eat broccoli many times. I cook it for the hubby, but no matter how many times I try it, I just don't like it. Even tried it with go.

I do not like sweet potatoes....*sigh*

Out of the veggies you listed, the only ones I do like are the corn, peas and green beans.

I do not eat fruit...but I promise I am going to start. The only ones I like are oranges and tangerines. I can occasionally eat green apples.

Red beans and rice, I may try that. I have not ever tried that.

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3/7/13 4:45 P


a lot of people don't like eating their veggies, so why not start by eating the ones you do like. Since you like beans, how about something like red beans and rice ? That's an extremely nutritious combo. If you'll eat peas, corn and green beans, put a serving each on your plate along with your chicken, beef or pork.

Do you eat salads ? Instead of using iceberg lettuce, use romaine or baby spinach for the green. both are high in fiber and nutrient dense. baby spinach is wonderful in salads and it's great cooked too.

Do you like sweet potatoes ? I eat them all the time. loaded with vitamin A and C as well as fiber. don't let anyone tell you potatoes are bad for you. that's a misconception. If you're not diabetic, there is no reason you can't enjoy some potatoes with your meal. There are tons of different veggies you could eat like broccoli, spinach, kale, cauliflower, tomatoes, peas, corn, peppers, sweet potatoes, squash, green beans, etc... mix it up. don't be afraid to try new things.

Do you eat fruit ? there's nothing wrong with having cereal for breakfast, just be careful of the sugar content. many of those kids cereals are loaded with excess sugar. Try to pick a cereal that is high in fiber and low in sugar if possible. to jazz it up, toss in some blueberries.

I bought some blueberries on sale. I toss them into my oatmeal for breakfast.

If you don't like veggies, try to eat more fruit. Remember, your vital nutrients and anti-oxidants come from the fruits and veggies you eat. So, if you're not eating enough fruit and veggies, you may be vitamin deficient. Sure, folks can take a one a day vitamin, but people really should be getting their vitamins from the food they eat.

As others have said, start with small changes. Try to eat a little more fruit or veggies each day. that really will make a difference.

NEWLISA2013 Posts: 69
3/7/13 4:32 P

Thanks Kiwi. The donut was a splurge item, if you noticed, it is the only day I have had something terrible for breakfast. Yes, I have been bad about not eating breakfast, and sometimes lunch too.

Yes, I am tracking everything I eat and drink, with the exception of my powerade zero and water, which I drink all day til dinner.

The only fruit I like is Tangerines or oranges. Not sure of the calorie range on those. Seriously, I won't even drink a strawberry
I welcome any suggestions ppl throw my way. Do you think cereal is terrible for the morning? I don't put much milk on it at all. I like the granola bars I have been eating but they are only 100 calories. Any input you have is welcome.

My first 2 weeks I was on the program I ate a half a sandwich for lunch. But always the same thing. Ham and cheese....ham is the only lunch meat I like and that got tiresome quick. It is frustrating. I am not making excuses, I promise...I am just being honest. is what I will eat, but I don't know if they are good for me. Green beans, green peas, lima and butter beans, corn, black eyed peas and fried okra. Any suggestions?

I also will not eat any kind of seafood.

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3/7/13 4:20 P

Hmmm - I just peeked at your Nutrition Tracker. I can see where there are a lot of issues going on - often under 1200 cal's - even down to the 1,000 (IF you are putting everything into your tracker); often no breakfast/lunch or just not enough to sustain you through the day; very little in the way of fruit/veges.

I understand your being a picky eater, but if you can find things that you DO like that aren't processed stuff like doughnuts, you may find that you have less of a problem. IF you don't like fruit/veges much, try starting your day with a smoothie, and add some oat bran or wheat germ to the mix. Fruit and veges take on a totally different experience and many who don't like them find that with experimentation they find a smoothie that they enjoy. Also, 1200 calories is the bare minimum for an average-weight woman who lives a very sedentary lifestyle. When you factor in any exercise, whether it is structured or not, then the calories should be increased to compensate.

Still, as you noted, you are only 2 weeks and 2 days into this, and baby steps IS the best way to go about changes.

Good luck,

NEWLISA2013 Posts: 69
3/7/13 12:20 P

Unfortunately, I am an extremely picky eater and not much healthy stuff out there that I like. I am gonna work on this...but it isn't easy. I am only 2 weeks and 2 days in....I will get there.

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3/7/13 12:12 P

I don't know what your calorie range is, but you can get in 1200 calorie days without literal starvation at lunch. Plan your meals so you'll have calories spread out evenly during the day.

NEWLISA2013 Posts: 69
3/7/13 12:06 P

Nope, just a granola calorie intake level isn't too high and if I don't watch what I eat during the day, I will go over at dinner :(

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3/7/13 11:54 A

Well, what did you bring for YOUR lunch? hopefully more than just a granola bar!

NEWLISA2013 Posts: 69
3/7/13 11:46 A

My boss just walked in with a little caesars pizza, and my tummy is growling. I can smell it and see it from my desk. I looked up the calories. 280 in a slice. It's not gonna fit into my food schedule for the day. 280 calories vs my 100 calorie granola bar...must refrain!

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