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3/7/13 6:49 A

i drink about 4 glasses a day. i was trying to drink 8, but i was up a few times during the night to go to the bathroom and was then tired the next day. when i don't get enough sleep, i seem to be more hungry. plus i was going to the bathroom a lot during the day. it seemed like i was going to the bathroom pure water.

like the pp suggested, if i am cold in the afternoon, i will have some hot water with lemon juice, instead of coffee.

i am going by the urine color-even without the 8 cups, it now seems to be the right color.

3/7/13 6:36 A

water is the only fluid I drink (besides my 1 cup of coffee in the morning). I have a 16 oz cup that I fill up 4 times a day or more to keep me accountable. Since it's the only think I drink I find it easy, especially since I have my cup in front of me at work all day and I have one at home as well.

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3/7/13 6:28 A

Hot water with a few drops of lemon juice in it is refreshing and cleansing so try that and see what you think

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I never have drank 8 cups a day, and never will. My urine is the correct colour when I consume 6 cups.

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I drink at least 1 litre of plain water thats chilled in my fridge, I also have another glass first thing, then the rest is from a couple of cups of coffee, almond milk and chai.

I think if I drank a full 2 litres of water on top of all the other drinks I would LIVE in the bathroom!

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IALLS88 - it isn't necessarily good to take in that much water at all. It depends on a number of factors, some of which are below:
The weight of a person - very big people would require more
The climate - hot climates need more than colder
The foods you eat - all food contains moisture, and is what is a big factor
Your health - many people can't drink anywhere near that - it could come down to life and death for some
Your work environment - as in Air Conditioning
The exercise you do
How much you sweat

I used to drink more than I do now, but wasn't getting the 'recommended' amount. For a couple years I was constantly off to the loo in the middle of the night. I was seeing a Specialist for an unrelated problem, and he asked me about my loo stops. He was fully aware of how much fluid I drank, and his comment was to reduce the amount. I didn't have any of the conditions where they normally restrict fluid, either. He based it on the colour of my urine, which at the time was mostly clear, and my visits to the loo (which was also higher than the average Joe Blog!)


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3/7/13 1:09 A

Taking breaks to drink water instead of sipping overtime will prevent running to the bathroom every 5 minutes. Or at least, that works for me.

On days I exercise, I manage to drink 8+ cups. On days I don't exercise, it seems I have a hard time getting to 8. I wouldn't worry too much over it. The main point is just keeping hydrated, not drinking sodas, and feeling full. Often times we mistake thirst for hunger.

I work at a hospital in 10 hour shifts. I like to bring two 32 oz nalgene bottles with me with a squeezed slice of orange and lime in etch. I prefer limes to lemons any day of the week. I don't try to make an effort to drink unless I am thirsty or I can't get away to eat, but I can typically drink most of the two bottles. You will def get used to it.

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3/6/13 11:33 P

I make sure that I always have water with all day. It is hard to drink that much water, and once your body gets use to intaking that much water you will not have to use the ladies room as often. It is good for your body to take in at least 68 ounces of water.

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3/6/13 10:15 P

I used to wonder the exact same thing. I got some of the same advice about that there is no hard fast rule as to how much water you should drink. Drink when you are thirsty. It actually made it easier to follow sparkpeople once I stopped obsessing about the water factor. 8 cups a day is great when I'm really exercising and need it, but if I'm not doing much on a certain day that would require more water, obviously I don't get as thirsty. It was really freeing to discover that trying to meet some arbitrary water guideline is pretty useless. It was also freeing to discover that some of the other things i drink like tea and coffee are all counted as being used to meet ones fluid intake.

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Thank you everyone! There's a lot of advice and helpful things you've given me! I don't want to sub with tea or juices etc, so I'm mainly looking at water intake specifically. That I'm drinking water at all is a huge step. I like the idea of putting fresh fruit, and cucumber, and the cardio exercise with water will prob get one more cup in..... Anyway, thanks everyone! Lots of good stuff!

~ emoticon

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3/6/13 8:55 P

True Lemon ~ it's more natural than the Crystal Light packets and adds the perfect amount of flavoring to water!

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3/6/13 8:24 P

I have a 1 quart (4 cups) water bottle, If i do a really hard workout (cardio) then it is usually gone or has like 2 sips left when i am finished. Try doing a cardio workout where you will be constantly grabbing your water for a sip. Then fill up the quart water bottle again after the workout, sip on it throughout the day, and bam! thats 8 glasses. Lol :)

3/6/13 8:16 P

Many drinks can be used to meet fluid needs: water, milk, juice, coffee, tea, diet drinks, etc.

Most healthy adults can use thirst as an indicator of when water/fluids is needed.

Dietitian becky

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3/6/13 8:10 P

I can usually get 6 no problem, but I am usually peeing all day and wake up once or twice during the night. I feel like my body needs it so it is worth the inconvenience. When I don't drink that much water then I usually feel thirsty all day. Occasionally I can get to 8 but not often.

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3/6/13 7:35 P

I have a lot of trouble getting to 8 servings of water, unless I have a really long workout where I drink throughout. I use crystal lite, and still usually only get to 6 servings, but I feel great and don't want to force it too much just to feel full of water.

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3/6/13 7:04 P

I am just not a water drinker, ugh. Occasionally I like a glass of cold water over ice but mostly i just... Don't like drinking plain water. And worse still I dislike most of the flavourings for water, the various "crystal lite" type things.

But i do like tea. So i drink that instead.

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3/6/13 6:51 P

In spite of what a lot of people tell you, there is NO hard and fast rule about drinking as much water. The benefit of the water for those wanting to lose weight is that it doesn't contain any calories and doesn't contain any additives.

I don't drink much water at all - generally only a couple glasses in the summer. Most of my fluid comes from cups of tea, smoothies, fruit and veges and casseroles/soups.

Be guided by:

The colour of your urine - clear, then cut back a little, but if it is dark, drink more. Ideally urine should be generally a pale yellow.


If you have a dry mouth, drink more.

As far as kidney issues are concerned, there ARE some medical conditions which require people to be on a very restricted fluid intake - even down as far as 2-3 glasses of fluid in a day, and this is more common than people would realize. Mind you, you can also overdo fluids - especially water. Too much can wash out the essential electrolytes from our body and THAT is no walk in the park! (proverbially speaking)


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3/6/13 6:48 P

I have always been a water drinker so I have NO problem with 8 or more glasses most days. Other then hot tea I don't drink any other liquids so it's easy for me. I would suggest adding fresh squeezed lemon/lime/orange to your water. I have tried those powder flavored drink add in things but I have found all of them to be gross. Too sweet and not tasty in my opinion at all so that is why I suggest fresh fruit only. You can even put cucumbers in your water to flavor it, the taste is great.

Good luck, I know it can be hard to drink water when you are not crazy about it - hopefully you drink good bottled water or filtered, I don't drink tap water. I have never heard about kidney problems from drinking water, especially not just 8 glasses per day. I have had no problems with water & I think I have been drinking only water for probably 35 years or so (not kidding). No soda/juice/coffee for me ever - do not like the taste of any of it.

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3/6/13 6:29 P

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
Is there a trick to be able to consume 8 glasses of water a day! I'm at 4 and feel like a waterballoon who has to pee as much as when I was pregnant. I also heard that drinking that much is not good for my kidneys..??? is there anything to that?


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