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4/14/13 11:12 P

I definitely agree with the suggestion of looking at the lacing guide links.

In particular, some of the techniques to tighten the bottom part of the laces can ensure the shoe is firm all over your foot, not just the top, and also ensure there is no 'slack' in the bottom few holes that can work its way up to become loose at the top.


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4/14/13 7:52 P

when you loosen and re-tie, try a double butterfly knot and they should hold without getting too loose.

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4/14/13 4:26 P

Not wearing high tops. Just regular sneakers. It doesn't matter what pair I wear. I guess I am sensitive. It bothers me to have them tight and it bothers me to have them loose. I need it to be just right, but I guess standing and tying them is different than actually walking in them.


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4/14/13 3:41 P


Try these lacing guide sites for inspiration/relief....>

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4/14/13 3:18 A

around the ankle? Are you wearing high tops?

I had issues with my feet getting numb and my shoes feeling too tight across the top of my foot. I have kind of high arches, and I read that lacing my shoes thru ever other hole might help. I started doing that and haven't had any issues since.

I've since switched to minimalist shoes. The ones I bought are Dr. Scholl's. They laces are purely for looks. The shoes slip on and off without untying them.

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4/13/13 8:18 P

I think you might not understand what I'm talking about - so I'll try to re-explain:

Essentially, when I start the workout I tie my shoes. As I start to walk on the treadmill (and this happens every time practically) - the shoes end up feeling too tight around the ankle. So, I stop - get off and re-tie them. I then get on and start walking but have to stop because now my shoe feels too loose (no, I did not loosen them up that much). I have this problem every time and I am wondering if I am lacing the shoes wrong - but don't know how to find out. I lace them the way most people lace their shoes - nothing fancy. However, I would love to just get into a workout and keep going!


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4/13/13 7:27 P

Get the viscas (I think thats whatt they are called). They are laces that don't tie but instead "zip" up like a drawstring. I love them!

Also, google Ian's knot if using regular laces. It is a way to tie laces to ensure that you aren't accidentally tying a "granny" knot which can come untied easier. It takes some practice but you have your shoes tied in 2 easy steps...only problem is it is harder to do if your laces are too short.

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4/13/13 5:30 P

Could it be the type of laces you have, i.e. nylon instead of cotton? I've never heard of that happening before. My shoelaces tend to get a little tighter because of my feet swelling slightly, but I really don't know. Did you do a search on the web? You can also do a search on Spark and find a possible reason. I'd try cotton laces though to see if that could be the problem. Also, I tie a bow and then a knot to make sure they don't come untied. emoticon

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4/13/13 5:17 P

Whenever I get on the treadmill - I always have to stop again to re-tie my shoes. They were to tight. After a few minutes walking, I have to stop again because my shoes are to loose. This hours on and on until I finally give in. Don't know what I'm doing wrong.

Any advice?


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