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3/3/14 2:21 P

It seems to me that the more weight one has to lose the faster it comes off in the beginning. You are close to your goal weight and it seems to take longer to lose the last 10 pounds rather than the first 10 pounds. Be patient, as other posters have mentioned it can take a few weeks before you will see results, in the mean time you are becoming healthier and more fit. Hang in there!

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3/3/14 12:14 P

Thanks for all the tips and support. I guess I'm being a bit impatient because those first couple of weeks usually show the biggest drop. I am sleeping better and enjoying feeling a little self-righteous with my good habits ;)

I'll check measurements at one month and report back.

MNCYCLIST Posts: 6,988
3/3/14 11:41 A

I agree with what's been said, just hang in there and try to take joy in building a healthy lifestyle rather than your particular weight at the moment. Good habits will eventually produce good results.

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3/3/14 11:30 A

Did you put on the ten pounds in two weeks? Then why do you think it's going to come off in two weeks?

Patience, grasshopper. It will take time, but you will get there.

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3/3/14 9:29 A

It can take as much as 6-8 weeks for healthy lifestyle changes to show up on the scale, especially when you add exercise to the mix. Give it time, and trust the process.

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3/2/14 4:43 P

What you are experiencing is perfectly normal. You are doing exercise, and that will develop muscle which in turn needs extra fluids. Muscle and fluids weigh. You WILL have starting to lose body fat.

Don't forget that a mix of cardio and strength training is the most beneficial - one helps with the weight-loss and the other develops and tones your muscle (as opposed to bulking up). The muscle helps you to burn the calories better.

Don't focus on the scales - there are many other ways to measure success. Things like:

* How your clothes fit

* Your energy level

* You fitness level

* The quality of your sleep

* The condition of your hair/skin

* Your improved BP and/or bloods if they were problematic

Make sure that you aren't tempted to under-eat or skip any meals. Also, don't be tempted to over-exercise. Doing so can cause them to come back and bite you in the butt.

Good luck,

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3/2/14 11:19 A

Bump up your water intake to half your body weight in ounces. example = 200lbs = 100oz of water a day. Also, limit your sodium intake. if you are logging in your food, you can see how much sodium you are taking in. It may be much more than you think if you are eating pre-packaged foods.

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3/2/14 8:55 A

I started increasing my cardio four weeks ago and then two weeks ago I began tracking and sticking to the middle of my calorie range. I haven't lost an ounce! What could be going on? I only want to lose about 10-12 pounds (BMI is right at 25), 8 of which I packed on 6 months ago after an injury.

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