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RODJUDY1014 Posts: 2
8/25/10 1:18 P

Thank you very much.... That is exactly what happened.

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8/22/10 4:40 P

Are you enrolled in the diabetic or pre-diabetes plan? If so, the meal plans don't show up when you are in these programs. Switch out of the diabetic category to a regular plan and the meal plan tab will show up when you track your nutrition. Hope this helps. I had to figure this one out on my own as well.

SHERRY822 Posts: 3,739
8/22/10 2:31 P

Go to your nutrition page and click on "show meal plans". It will give you the plan for just that day. If you want to turn it on for every day,click on "change nutrition goals at the top of the page on the right of the word nutrition. Then go down to "I want to use Spark People meal plans" and click the box for that. Don't forget to check any preferences like vegetarian, or no eggs, if you don't want them icncluded in your plan, and it will then show up for you every day.

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RODJUDY1014 Posts: 2
8/22/10 1:58 P

My Nutrition tracking does not show the full meal plan menu. How do I turn Meal Planning ON. the only directions I can find in 'Help' is how to turn it off.


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