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4/24/14 11:44 P

Thank you so much for the email, have a great day

4/24/14 2:04 P

Yes. as a personal trainer I try to experience a variety of different programmes to stay current and to be able to best advise my clients. I will admit a bias towards bodyweight and other non gym based workout programmes because of their adaptability to a variety of different personal circumstances. Shawna Kaminski is a woman trainer who often posts free workouts in daily emails.

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4/24/14 1:49 A

Thank you so much, have you tried it?

4/23/14 6:01 P

Pay no attention to the informercial, you can get the information you want here:

Craig Ballentyne has a regular email newsletter he sends out often with free workouts. The programme works as witnessed by his twice a year transformation contests.

He is in a mutual support relationship with a lot of similar thinking trainers both male and female, all of whom interact and promote one another. All of the various programmes overlap to some degree and all are effective. Most of them regular only minimal equipment, consist of intense short duration workouts and can be done almost anywhere, no gym membership required. In general they are often the least expensive programmes you can purchase.

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4/22/14 7:44 A

Hi everyone,

has anyone heard of Turbulence Training, I am just listening to the infomercial, but it is so long that thought I may get an answer back from you guys before it has ended? LOL

Thank you

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