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3/14/13 3:15 P

I personally love Turbo Jam and all Chalene's other videos (e.g., Turbo Fire). I remember that it took a few times of going through the video before I completely got the choreography down. "Single" and "double" do refer to the number of times she wants you to punch; "right" and "left" are the hands that she wants you to punch with or the sides that she wants you to lean to.

I've found that it's actually easier to mirror her/ the fitness models (i.e., if they make a movement with a body part on the left side of the TV, you use your left side to mimic the movement) than it is to actually listen to what she's saying. Don't give up. Good luck! :)

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3/13/13 9:05 P

I just watched a little bit of her live cardio remix and I see were you get confused. I think single single means you do the punch 1 time. (single punch to the left, single punch to the right) When she says double do the punch twice. But yeah..that workout looks confusing! Hope you can understand .

3/13/13 7:33 P

Yeah, I've had some videos for years. I just did the lower body and abs video the other day and loved it. But I felt like this one had no direction. I watched it last night because I haven't done this one yet but it didn't help lol. It looks fun though. Do you know what "single single" means?

Thank you for your comment.

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3/13/13 6:08 P

I LOVE turbo jam! I am about to do it after I post this haha. It helped me loose my first 25 lbs. Is this your first time trying the turbo jam workouts? I have not tried that particular dvd, but its just a matter of getting used to her phrases and music. I had a hard time at first, now I can fly through it! emoticon

3/13/13 5:03 P

Have any of you tried this DVD? I just did and didn't even make it half way through because I had no idea what to do! She would randomly say "single single!" But then she would do a double jab or something. Then she would say "now to the right" and do some punching and kicking but I couldn't catch onto the rhythm of what they were doing. She never actually said what they would be doing. I mean, it's great that they practiced a choreographed dance work out video and had it down pat, but shouldn't they explain what to do?

Any tips on getting it right? Or should i ditch this particular video?

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