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12/1/11 11:31 P

I've been doing all of Chalene's workouts since 2005 on and off. Whenever I do them, I get results, and quick! Right now I'm in the middle of week three and I already feel so much better. I've got a better attitude, I'm always in a good mood, and I feel like I'm becoming very fit. So far I notice a difference in my abdomen and shoulders.

The great thing about Turbo Fire/Turbo Jam is that during all of her workouts, you're consistently working your core. As long as you give it your all, even if you modify it, you'll get results.

You can message me as well if you ever want to discuss it :] It's always fun talking to someone doing the same program!

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12/1/11 4:18 P

Yup, sure have, love it! That is great that you are sore, it means you pushed yourself. Keep doing what you are doing and the soreness will go away. The results will be great if you push yourself as hard as you can and if you eat right. Make sure you follow the nutrition plan, it is there for a reason. I have done P90X, Insanity, TurboFire and have 10 Min. Trainer too. I love all the at home workouts. I can do them in boxer shorts, haha. Hey, pop me a message if you want, I have this group on Facebook with a whole bunch of folks all doing BB workouts, lots of fun.

Keep it up!


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NEFERTETE Posts: 382
12/1/11 2:51 P

I just started Turbo Fire and I love it! I am sore already. I was wondering if anyone has done this workout and have you got any good results?

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