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10/9/11 3:00 P

To be honest, there aren't too many combinations that do not include kicks. Turbo Fire is very similar to Turbo Jam, it just extremely intense. There is more plyo work. There are more HiiTs and some of them you get on the floor. Try searching you tube for some video clips. You can certainly modify if you need. But I would try and watch some of the dvd's first. I hope I helped! emoticon

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Are there routines in the Turbo Fire set that don't include a lot of kicks?

I like parts of the Turbo Jam program -- but have problems with my legs and really struggle with the all the kicking. I have to modify the kicks to the point of practically doing nothing but stepping in place. What proportion of the Turbo Fire program is kicking?

I can do squats and lunges (if they are not too fast and I can maintain proper form) -- but the kicks are fast and my form breaks down ... and then I just can't do them.

I don't want to spend all that money if I am only going to do a small portion of the routines.

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10/9/11 8:58 A

Hi everyone!

I started Turbo Fire and am so excited to see the results! I have used Turbo Jam and loved it. Now I am upping up the intensity and OH BOY is it intense! Anyone out there using or used Turbo Fire? I would love to hear success stores, tips, etc. Today is day 3 of the five day Inferno!!! emoticon Happy Sunday!!

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