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4/12/13 8:32 A

Welcome to SP. I wish you the very best in your quest for a healthier you.

JAMBABY0 Posts: 15,384
4/11/13 10:24 P

There are exercise videos here and I think there might be some you can do, and you can always modify all exercises the key is to move don't matter how fast or slow you are, and maybe try some weights to tighen up arms and legs, small at first (no more then 5 lbs with arms, no more then 25 lbs with legs) and only increase when it becomes easy. More is better then heavier too. Good luck

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4/10/13 9:36 P

Heh, I already am baggy and saggy :) I gained 25 kilos in pregnancy and lost 15 kilos the week after birth. Fastest weight loss ever, but it's left me with a pouch. I don't like it, but I'm trying to learn to like it, if that makes sense - it's a survival badge. Unfortunately, clothes aren't really designed for it.

Unfortunately walking can get painful as I have a lot of scar tissue and some ligament and bone damage, but I'm managing some walks by taking painkillers first. My doctors are mostly giving me the 'we don't really know, do whatever makes you feel okay' response to things so I may as well take it as clearance.

Thanks for the response!

JAMBABY0 Posts: 15,384
4/10/13 9:10 P

Hi and welcome. So glad you are here to make a change! I hope you have gotten clearance from your doctor to do some exercise even if it's just walking. With that said get familiar with everything and join some teams. Teams are good for motivation, accountability and support. You maybe able to find some teams with your pain limitations by using key words in the team search bar. Good luck on your journey, and remember diet without some kind of exercise will have the result of sagging skin (no one wants that!)

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4/10/13 8:39 P

Hello folks.

I'm a middle aged female attempting to lose the pregnancy weight and get back down to my fairly healthy state of a couple of years ago. Back then I was doing weight training and regular hard cardio work, but a bad pregnancy (pelvic girdle pain) leading to being wheelchair bound and a bad birth (hip and muscle damage) have meant I can no longer exercise without a lot of pain.

I'm hoping if I can shed the ten kilos that built up I'll reduce some of the day to day pain I'm in. Since exercise is difficult for me, I'm having to look at dieting. I've always been awful in diets - I preferred massive levels of exercise because I could eat whatever I liked - and I'm very time poor (massive commutes, excitable toddler, no kitchen to speak of) so cooking is difficult. As a result, I've been trying out the 5:2 diet for a couple of weeks now, and so far it seems to be working for me. I'm somewhat interested in some of the Paleo information, but since I can't exercise it's probably not a great idea.

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