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10/24/11 9:11 P

Tuna is great. These are great ideas!

BUUKWORM14 SparkPoints: (79,200)
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10/24/11 11:10 A

I posted this on SP a while ago. Sorry the servings are detailed, but you can guess at 4 parts. It's really easy and light. There is oil but you can adjust it.

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10/9/11 10:34 P

I love Tuna Salad. I see some great ideas in this trail. My sister uses plain yogurt too. I used different types of low fat salad dressings.

MRSJOCCO SparkPoints: (29,721)
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9/25/11 1:20 P

I like to add capers (and a little caper juice). emoticon

GNOCCHIBEAR SparkPoints: (11,435)
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9/23/11 12:05 A

fat free italian dressing, hard boiled eggs or egg whites, pickles and green beans.

Great question! There are so many different ways to eat it!

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9/11/11 9:47 P

i find tuna with salsa very tasty,i like to add plenty of veg(celery,carrots,red onion,sweetcorn and peppers)to help bulk it up.:)

JAMIEA8 SparkPoints: (25,396)
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9/2/11 2:50 P

This is my favorite... Tuna with Wing Sauce

.25 cup of diced celery
.5 cup of shredded Romaine lettuce
1 can of Tuna(the one with about 2 servings in the can)
1 tbsp Ott's Wing Sauce

Mix it all together and put it either in a Pita Pocket (my fav) or on a tortilla.

Nutritional Info (without the pocket or tortilla):
Servings Per Recipe: 2
Amount Per Serving
Calories: 68.9 Total Fat: 2.5 g Cholesterol: 25.0 mg Sodium: 597.8 mg Total Carbs: 0.8 g Dietary Fiber: 0.4 g Protein: 10.2 g

ADGIRL618 SparkPoints: (16,375)
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9/2/11 11:01 A

Lemon juice and some thinly sliced red onion, fresh parsley and/or cilantro

My fave meal I ate this week included tuna:
3 cups of artisan lettuce blend
3/4 cup white beans, drained and rinsed
1.5 tbls each of fresh cilantro and fresh parsley
2.6 ounce pouch of tuna
1/4 cup thinly sliced red onion
1/4 tbls olive oil
1/2 lemon squeezed over the top of the salad
sprinkle of sea salt and some fresh ground black pepper

It was absolutely delicious and super healthy with the tuna, beans and small amount of evoo.

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9/1/11 9:27 P

I make tuna salad with

1 - 3oz can tuna
1/4 cup frozen or canned corn
1/4 cup canned black beans (rinsed)
Diced veggies I have on hand (usually a little onion, tomato, and green chili)
1 tbsp light sour cream or plain nonfat yogurt
Mustard to taste
Salt, pepper, and a sprinkle of cumin

I don't like the texture of tuna alone, it's just too smushy for me, so the added veggies give enough textural variety that I can actually enjoy it instead of forcing myself to eat it.
The yogurt or sour cream both give a little more binding and creaminess than mustard alone does, but without a lot of added calories or overwhelming flavor.

My favorite way to eat this is on fresh, mild hatch chilies, green bell pepper slices, and carrot slices. Nice crunch, not heavy, but still really filling!

KIMPY225 SparkPoints: (112,496)
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9/1/11 12:23 P

I use a little bit of light dressing sometimes. I like salad with the plain tuna on the top, and use the salad dressing which is already on the salad so it isn't dry. I second the salsa idea.

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9/1/11 12:56 A

my mom use to make tuna with salt, pepper ,vinegar , lime, red onions sliced,
on top of baked potatoes, it was really good!

RICCILYNN Posts: 2,454
8/31/11 2:30 P

Salsa is a nice addition to tuna... and it gives so many different textures. My sister will also put in some hard-boiled egg to her tuna which adds more protein...

-POOKIE- Posts: 22,528
8/29/11 4:50 P

yes, mustard works well, thin it with a little vinegar... tasty!

MAMAE73 Posts: 30
8/29/11 1:48 P

Mustard has very few calories, lots of varieties have little or no fat and it tastes good. I always use it instead of mayo. And chopped cucumber also helps keep it moist. I mix up my tuna and put it in a container and add it to a wrap, plain toast or on top of wheat crackers when ready to eat. I like whole grain dijon, but plain old yellow mustard works just fine.

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8/29/11 11:26 A

Thanks. I have to wait til I'm on a maintenance diet - there's no yogurt on it yet. I want so desperately to lose weight that I've lost all my taste for food. And I don't have much food on my diet that tastes good anyway. Seven weeks. Working with a personal trainer; eating protein and carbs only (and veggies) and now nothing is happening....Down ten pounds from start, 0 pounds in the last two weeks

-POOKIE- Posts: 22,528
8/29/11 11:22 A

Plain yogurt!

Its tasty and creamy textured like mayo, you can also add a teeny bit hot sauce or garlic/celery salt to jazz that up too.

MI-ELLKAYBEE SparkPoints: (228,267)
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8/29/11 10:05 A

Looking for a way to enhance a plain can of tuna in water with tasty ingredients that DO NOT add calories, fats etc. I've been eating it for lunch nearly every day, just as it comes out of the can (drained). I can't afford a bunch of costly ingredients, but would like to do something with it, at least once in a while. Any ideas?

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