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9/21/11 2:35 P

emoticon BAD_MONKEY123. I'll have to try to doctor up my egg salad the next time I make it.

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9/19/11 3:13 P

I am not a big tuna salad person, but I LOVE egg salad. I don't do the sweet kind, so this may or may not work for you. I always put green onions in because I like the crunch. If you don't like onions, celery would work. I often put chives and sometimes tarragon. ALWAYS salt and a ton of pepper. I have been know to throw in stone ground mustard (the kind with the whole seeds-I love the way they pop when you bite them!) or some chipotle peppers (or just adobe sauce). I even it all out with lite mayo (Hellman's tastes good for this kind of thing) and leave it a little chunky because that's how I like it!
I love this with a hunk of lettuce (more crunch!) on some really hearty bread. YUM!

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9/16/11 9:30 P


I don't know why but chicken salad slipped my mind! Your curried chicken salad sounds great. I'll have to give it a try!

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9/15/11 9:02 P

I also use nonfat Greek yogurt, though I still put in a dab of mayo - like a teaspoon in a few servings of salad goes a long way to making it creamy.

Egg salad I keep pretty basic - minced up celery and green onions, salt, pepper, paprika, minced homemade pickles (mixture of cucumber and onion), maybe some dill weed OR tarragon if I want an herbal flavor. Dijon mustard, too.

Tuna salad is basically the same way, but somtimes I like to make it more of a salad than a sandwich filling, so I might dice up a cucumber and put it in there instead of the pickle. Or, go with olive oil and lemon juice instead of the yogurt, and add in halved cherry tomatoes and any other good veggies that are around, and even some cooked quinoa, and it is a meal by itself. Go Greek and throw some feta and bits of olive and red onion in there. Sky's the limit!

I haven't tried it with egg or tuna, but I LOVE to make chicken salad with Greek yogurt, curry powder, golden raisins, and some salt and pepper. It's a big change from same old same old, and a great way to use up extra chicken or turkey. I put celery and green onions in that, too.

9/15/11 4:20 P

I have some in my cabinet. I use it when I make crab cakes. I never thought to use it any other way.

9/15/11 4:19 P

I use plain greek yogurt in quite a few things in place of sour cream...never thought of adding it to tuna/egg salad.


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9/15/11 11:12 A

Instead of mayo, you can use plain or greek yogurt, will cut loads of calories and add protein. Or plain fromage frais as well.

try adding a little juice from the jar when you add a chopped pickle, its good!

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9/15/11 9:33 A

I like adding Old Bay seasoning (you can find it in the spice section or in the seafood section). It adds some spice and differnt flavoring to it.

9/14/11 2:59 P

Thank you! I'll definitely try some of your suggestions.

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9/14/11 11:15 A

For both of my salads I add celery and onion. Dill relish (or chopped dill pickles) adds a burst of flavor...

Other suggestions:
Salsa to either
Hard boiled egg to the tuna
Black beans are great mixed into both (I make a black bean/onion/garlic mixture, puree it up a little and put it into my egg salad - YUM) but whole beans are great added to either
Herbs that add a good burst of flavor: dill, chives... not sure, experiment and see what flavors you like!

9/13/11 6:03 P

How do you prepare it/spice it up?
Usually I use mayo, salt & pepper.

To the tuna salad I'll occasionally add diced celery adds a nice crunch or sweet relish. My Egg salad's pretty boring - just the usual mayo, salt & pepper.

These are both pretty economical but getting boring...Help!

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