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CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
3/6/13 11:09 A

maybe you're trying to cut out too much at once

3/4/13 11:51 A

How about start using the SP meal plans as a guide. This will assure that you are eating in your calorie range, getting enough protein and fiber, not going over-board on highly processed carbs, etc.

Then assess your hunger.

I looked at your nutrition tracker to get a better understanding of what you are eating now---and you are not tracking. So it is really hard to give suggestions.

Dietitian Becky

SAHASARA Posts: 358
3/3/13 7:14 P

Did you try drinking water? Eat more protein and veg and your tummy "shouldn't" grumble as often. You need to eat foods that are slow going. So you ate brown rice, almonds and veggie chili....maybe add in more protein and see what happens and eat slower????

VALVERY Posts: 104
3/3/13 7:10 P

Guys - I'm gettin' real discouraged over here. I'm on day 9 of my bread-free, sugar-free, processed foods-free "diet"/lifestyle shift and so far my progress has been surprising! Yesterday the scale so lovingly informed me that I have dropped 4 pounds since I started this Game of Cravings. Now I'm reading that the Gluten-free diet isn't exactly for weightless, but more if you have a health issue like Celiac's disease. And Paleo diet COMPLETELY cuts all grains (well sorry, bread was enough, but no brown rice or quinoa?)

So here am I, sitting at my desk eating a bowl of brown rice, almonds and Trader Joe's veggie chili (that's not too overprocessed, now is it?) and not even 5 whole minutes pass before my stomach is bitching about getting more food. What does a girl gotta do to revamp this system? Are my results true or are they due to lack of absorption? Any response is greatly appreciated.

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