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7/22/12 12:15 P

Thank you very much support means a lot and that is something i am not use to. I have hide to my self for most my life but mother was a diet freak and did every one to the point she would only drink hot water because she said it mde you feel full. Once he ven had this gross mushroom in in frig and drank the juice that ame off it. Blahhh it was so gross. When i was tiny until i reached puberty but until i had my son i was in size 9 and it wasnt mall enough. She made a comment in the store once really loudy that i must have a jersey cow some where on My side of the family.
I had had a lot o support from everyone on this site but i have only been here a few weeks and it was really hard to bring myself to post the 1st time. Even though my hubby is a wonderful man after 16 yrs i still try to hide my weight. Even though i know he knows. But i cant say the number. I am just not there yet. But i am working on that and hope i will get there. Thank you so much

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7/22/12 2:54 A

Don't be embarrassed to share things here; we're ALL in the boat. We all have bad days, good days, and I guarantee, you aren't the fattest person here. :) Generally speaking, this place is all about being supportive and kind... and no one will make fun of you for being you!

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7/21/12 6:07 P

Thank you so much I do eat a lot of veggies my kids and I prefer our veggie raw though and we love fruit I cut out soda and drink way more water now but I am going to work on little snacks during the day thanks for the advice

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7/21/12 6:05 P

JUst did my measurments for this week and I have lost a total of 2 inches in my arms, 4 inches in waist and tummy,3 " in hips,2 inches in thigh and 2 inches in my calf!!! sadly my breasts are the samt though LOL but I am finally seeing something after starting my walking and workouts!! But I am going to work on eating better during the day.

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7/21/12 5:50 P

It sounds like you've made amazing progress with your health amongst lots of challenges!

I agree with the advice to try eating something small in the morning to start out with. Try a cup of yogurt and half a banana, or some oatmeal with milk and fruit, and a glass of water.

Try to add in half a sandwich loaded up with veggies, or a salad with some chicken or beans on it for lunch. If you haven't been eating a lot of veggies, start out slowly to allow your system time to adjust. If you generally eat a large dinner, try eating a little less at the end of the day, so that your body has a chance to be hungry sooner after you wake up in the morning.

If you try to eat some veggies at every meal, you'll have less room on your plate for fattier and more processed foods that are less nutritious. That is a good place to start, and you can build in more healthy eating habits as you go.

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7/21/12 3:00 P

Thank you very much. I am new to all of this and learning so much the last 3 month. I am also very new at sharing all this stuff i have been to embarrassed to share and not ready yet to share all my info. I hope that diesnt sound bad. But thank you so much for the advice and i welcom it all

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7/21/12 2:54 P

Thank you very much. I have cut my coffe down from drinking all day to 2 cups only, no soda and my workots. I have lost 9 lbs this month but i know learning mor about the right food will help much more

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7/21/12 2:50 P

Thank you. I have a differant tracker on my ipad i have had for a long time now i use it to track, daily activity,workouts, pain level and causes, mood, weathers. I use this other tracker very day as a Tool to work with my doctor due to my health issues and bipolar. I can now use that tracker and the one on this site together and the days my kcals were higher i was out if my normal routine because of pain that is 7 or higher on the 1-10 scale 10 being worst or staying at the hospital when my mother was ill and had to have a meal braught to me. My highest kcal was emotional eating which i am working to get out of that pattern along with me quitting smoking. Which also i am able to do while at Home and in my own routine but have a
hard time when my life is very stressful. Since last december i have been working on getting healthyer with not just my weight,but quitting smoking and learning to deal with stressful times without smoking or eating.
I am also learning to list what i eat correctly on the tracker, i have a hard time actually understanding measurments on this site. When i try to list what i take in i have a hard time with the decimal portion size. The tracker says to use .5 or .33 and i am trying to understand and make it eayer for me to list the right portion size. When i started i as kind of guessing hours after i had eaten and now i am trying to entery food in as i eat.
I have cut soda out completly in 2 1/2 months, cut my coffee to 2 cups only when i use to drink it all day. I also use a smaller cup only. I have collected a bunch of my hubbys mountain dew bottles and put hm in the freezer full of only water hn when i go to workout i always have my water.
Since january 2011 i have been making a lot of changes in my life to become healthyer mentally,emontionally and phyically. I lost 60 lbs last year and have kept most of it off and 3 months ago i stared to walk 5 minutes at a time 3 x a day due to pain and 18 surerys in 12 yrs. To walking a mile or more every nite at our collage track, reistance band 20-30 minutes every day and dance or kickbixing 3-4 times week.
Now i need to learn about nutrition and what i need to do to continue to get healthyer. I have lost 9 lbs an 4 inches in waist and 1 inch in my arms. My knees after several surgerys and a realigment surgery are stronger. I am walking better, faster and my balnce is getting better.
Thank you very much for your help and advice

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7/21/12 2:47 P

There is no magic food that will turn into energy and not fat; when you overindulge in ANYTHING (even healthy foods) it will turn into fat, because you're giving your body more than it needs.

The best foods to eat are whole, healthy foods that aren't deep fried, pre-packaged, or loaded with salt. Use the government food plate ( ) to portion out your fruits, vegetables (half the plate should always be fruits and veggies!) protein and grains.

In order to lose weight, you have to eat at a deficit, while eating ENOUGH to support your body's metabolic needs. Less than 1200 calories won't do that.

Your page is set to private, so we can't take a look like Becky can; if you'll make your page public and share your trackers, perhaps we can take a look and make suggestions.

It's also a myth that you should only eat when hungry; some of us actually can't listen properly to our hunger cues, so we don't KNOW when we're hungry! Skipping meals can sabotage your efforts! Here's an article that explains why you need to eat more often than you are:

Quick quote:

"People who eat healthy food at regular intervals, starting with breakfast, are better nourished, think more clearly and report fewer mood swings than those who eat erratically. Meal skippers are more prone to weight problems probably because once they do eat, they eat too much of all the wrong stuff."

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7/21/12 2:42 P

i just try to eat good and eat "clean" as many whole foods and non processed foods as possible.

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7/21/12 1:37 P

You are absolutely right. You aren't losing because you are starving yourself. 1200 calories/day is the very least you should be getting. I notice the more coffee I drink, the less hungry I am as well. Maybe limit your coffee for awhile to one cup and have a small you wrote a piece of fruit and/or a yogurt. See how you feel after that.

I know there are many people on Spark that just aren't morning eaters, either. It doesn't matter WHEN you get your calories, so much as you are getting enough each day to fuel your body. Don't go below 1200, try drinking less coffee and see if your appetite returns. If you start eating at regular times...say 8am, 12, and 5 (with a snack or two in between), you will find your body will adjust to telling you its hungry at these times.

7/21/12 1:31 P

I see in your nutrition tracker several days this past week with calorie intakes of : 1765, 1617, 2455, and 3327.
I see hundreds of calories daily coming from high calorie foods, with little nutritional benefit: tater tot casserole, chicken nuggets, cream for coffee, sweet tea, salad dressing, mayo, ice cream, etc.

Then I see days of 100-600 calorie intake using once again foods with little nutritional value. I see meals skipped daily.

Combine these two: This is why you are not losing weight.

Daily Stick to 1200-1400 calories daily, use lean meats, fruits, veggies, whole grains, low fat milk, yogurt, cheese, unsweetened beverages. Eat 3 meals daily using wholesome foods that nourish your body. Have 1 snack if you want. Then see if you get results.

SP Dietitian Becky

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7/21/12 1:12 P

Morning I am trying to figure out the best way for me to loose the weight and one of them is what I need to eat. I am not a big and usually dont eat much during the day if anything at all except my am coffee I dont have anything else till nite. Since I have been tracking everything I eat I see that out of 2 weeks of tracking only 2 days of it I was close to the daily recommened kcals. I have broken down everything I eat, every engregant I put in a meal. My brains tells me eat less in a day loose the wight but that is obviously not working out well. I have been trying to understand that you eat so little your body stores it in fat instead of burning it. Since I am not a big eater and dont want to force my self to eat if I really dont feel hungry what is best to have during the day. A friend suggested yogart for Bfast and maybe a fruit or something mid day. Can anyone help me undertand why I am not loosing the weight when for 2 weeks of tracking my daily intake is less than 1,200. What is the best food to eat during the day when you are not very hungry? And one big concern is since I have never been a day eater if I start making my self eat durning the day am I going to get use to it and then find my self eating too much? I am so confused?

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