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The "smaller" you are, the longer it takes to lose the weight, at least for me anyway. I have learned that even a 5 pound weight loss makes a big difference for me. Maybe you need a little different kind of tracking, like I do. I bought an academic calendar (which was easy to find this time of year) I decided on giving myself a star for each of 5 goals to meet each day, and at the end of the week if I have at least 28 stars (You could do more for more challenge) I give myself a reward. My stars are color coded. (I liked getting stars in school, so just accumulating stars motivates me) Gold for staying within calorie range, green for eating my 5 freggies, Red if I make 5000 steps in a day, and an additional blue star if I reach 10,000. Silver if I reach my fitness minutes goal for the day. That's just an example, you could tailor it to challenge yourself.

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Focusing on things beside the number on the scale as your count down to your big day is a great way.

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Coach Tanya

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one of the things i love about SP is that it is not a diet, but a life long commitment to a healthy lifestyle. when i have the weekend coming up i make sure i have all of my meals and snacks planned and prepared if possible. then i am less likely to be ambushed by unforseen for staying motivated, have you made a vision board yet? i have one in my bedroom where i can look at it every day first thing when i wake up and last thing before i go to sleep. i have photos of clothes i want, an old pic of me when i was skinny before and also inspirational quotes and pics like of Jillian Michaels etc. yours doesnt have to be as elaborate as mine, but i had a lot of weight to lose!! LOL! maybe make one and put pics of Hawaii up and some quotes and phrases that you find inspirational and put it up where you can see it...the last thing i want to say about inspiration and motivation is not to beat yourself up when u have an off day or even off weekend...jus brush yourself off and move forward every day and start fresh...try to enjoy the journey instead of only wishing for the destination...i have lost 86 pounds this way and have 30 or so more to will work, if you do the work... emoticon don't get discouraged!!! lemme know how it goes...good luck!!!!!!

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Just having to "document" my exercise and food intake is motivation!!!! Getting to see that you are meeting the goals set up by the "trackers" helps "keep me in line." It also helps that people are starting to comment that they can tell I have lost weight (9 pounds). The weight loss has been slow and steady!!

Also, I feel so much better. Since walking daily my upper legs and hips do not hurt when I try to sleep at night!

Good luck - I know you can do it!!!!!! emoticon

8/12/12 11:54 A

Any advice on how to stay motivated?! I do great for a week, then the weekend comes and it all goes downhill from there. I have 55 days until my wedding and honeymoon in Hawaii. Trying to lose at least 10 lbs. by then. Any advice or suggestions would help!!

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