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6/26/13 10:44 A

I have to agree with the post below. If you don't have the unhealthy food in the house than you can't eat it. I would just limit what you purchase or try to purchase healthier alternatives. Buying all my fruits and veggies and then planning meals out ahead of time really helped me as well. Don't give up!! You can do it!!!! :)

BILL60 Posts: 978,355
6/26/13 8:53 A

Welcome to SP. The very best to you on your journey.

TREV1964 Posts: 5,115
6/26/13 4:49 A

Hi Kkrumnow,
I found by limiting the unhealthy stuff around the house helps considerably, also if there is something that is not good for you that you crave cut it up into smaller pieces and have whatever it is in smaller packets. I do this with packets of peanuts, chocolate and crisps. Individual chunks of chocolate wrapped up in foil and put in the freezer is a good one. Sucking on a frozen small piece of chocolate can take you longer to digest than a bar of the stuff. That way you consume 30 calories of the stuff as opposed to 300. The secret seems to be keeping control over your intake of these foods and not letting them have the control over you making you unaware of the amount consumed.
Hope this helps out a bit.

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6/25/13 6:55 P

I ate pretty healthy today for the most part. Went grocery shopping and bout a ton of fruits and veggies. Having a hard time though giving into unhealthy foods. It's frustrating that every time I lose a pound or two a couple days later I've somehow gained it back. I just want to keep losing weight steadily. emoticon

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