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4/30/13 9:46 P

You can eat things like celery, cucumbers, lettuce, etc. that don't have a lot of calories to help fill you up. Eat those kinds of things and you won't be hungry and it should help. Also eat smaller meals more often, and if you eat fibrous foods, like lettuce, it should hang with you longer and you won't get so hungry. Just try not to add things that have lots of calories, like cheese, croutons, etc. Hope this helps! emoticon

Your stomach will shrink, but you might also need to see a doctor and have a blood glucose test to see if you have diabetes or hypoglycemia. emoticon

AFFINITY6 Posts: 26
4/30/13 9:29 P

i dont skip portion sizes are smaller and i find myself basicaly grazing all day...i still lose...
if your feeling light headed, you should see your doc.
i did experience it briefly the light headedness but was able to correct mine...both my protein and iron were consistantly low....i now monitor those nutrients daily

4/30/13 9:02 P

I never guess at a medical diagnosis, so...
I would first suggest a complete physical from your doctor. Discuss your signs and symptoms. Diet counseling may be necessary based on the findings. This could be related to your calorie intake, the types of foods you are eating, too many carbs, not enough protein, etc. Check with your doctor first to determine the right intervention.

SP Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

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4/30/13 7:59 P

You might be cutting your calories too fast. Try getting to your range gradually, by eating closer and closer to it over time.

What is your range? What do you weigh now, and how fast do you expect to lose? You might be setting your calories too low for what you need to lose.

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4/30/13 7:48 P


I guess I meant to say - when I was younger I skipped meals but now I can't. I usually skipped meals because I was busy at work and things like that. Not skipping meals to drop weight.

Now that I am trying to cut back on my calories, because now I DO eat too much, I am finding it hard with the light headedness and feeling a little weak...

Thanks for your advice, I will have to try and maybe eat more protein.... emoticon

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4/30/13 7:39 P

Well... if you have problems when you skip meals -

Don't skip meals!!!!

Skipping meals doesn't "save calories" - in fact it often does the opposite, by making you sooooo hungry by the time food does appear, that you ravenously wolf down everything in sight (or, so it is for me :) ).

Eat at your regular meal and snack times. Just... adjust your portion sizes. And if you find the smaller portions are not working for you, consider adjusting your food choices to things that have more "staying power" (i.e. a couple scrambled eggs, some sliced fruit or tomato and piece of whole grain toast will keep you full a lot longer than a bowl of Frosted Flakes)....

STARPESCADO Posts: 1,106
4/30/13 7:32 P

I usually eat - A LOT - and have always had problems if I skip meals. Soooo, now I am trying to track my calories, but I am finding that I am feeling a little light headed.

In the past - since I was a kid - if I don't eat my meals around the same time range, I get light headed and have fainted when I would skip meals because I was busy or whatever.

I have noticed that since I put weight on it is worse....

Was just wondering if anyone has experienced this problem? Hopefully once my body gets used to eating in the proper calorie range for my body, this will go away..


Good luck with your journey! emoticon

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