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MARYLIZ54120 Posts: 370
9/18/13 11:29 P

I can relate. I'm almost 56 and have been gaining over the past five years, despite exercising. I started using Isagenix in July and have lost 8 pounds. I haven't lost that in years. I also try to eat pretty clean. It's tough, but can be done. Good luck and keep trying.

FANTASM01 Posts: 728
9/18/13 8:57 P

The only thing I think I would add to previous comments is one thing that helps me is picturing myself the way I used to look years ago. I see myself slim and in skinny jeans. I was tall and lean. That skinny woman is still inside me and she's aching to get out. I am post menopausal but have fibromyalgia so I fight my own body on the days I'm in a great deal of pain before I do any exercise. The thing is I am using my brain to power my body to fight obesity. It has become my enemy and I picture it thus. It makes my fibro worse too so the drop in carbs has especially been helpful to me. Hang in there. emoticon

KRICKET57 SparkPoints: (256,173)
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9/18/13 9:33 A

Both previous comments are right. Tracking your food honestly and tracking your exercise are key to making this work. Pedometers are great because they let you know how many steps you are actually taking in a day. Guessing never works! Stick with the program and take it slow and steady. You can do it!

ARINAR Posts: 34
9/17/13 9:21 P

I remember when I was in my 20's, if I wanted to lose weight, I just ate lightly for a few days and could drop several pounds in no time! Not any more....
I agree with Miss Ruth. Carefully and honestly keep track of what you eat. This will eventually help you identify any unhealthy or self defeating patterns and give you accountability to yourself. I also had to kick up my activity level. With the children gone and a more sedentary job, I found I wasn't moving as much and my usual exercise routine wasn't enough. I bought a pedometer and walk 10,000 steps per day (mostly) in addition to my usual 2-3 days a week weight training and 3 days a week cardio. I have to get up early to do this, but I'm that vain..... or determined! I'm down to my last 4 pounds and am losing about a pound every 3 weeks-ish. Slow but steady. Most importantly, Rustmania, don't give up! You CAN do it.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,292
9/17/13 8:03 A

I lost the weight after menopause. Plus being hypothyroid. It's not impossible. The way I look at it is, if you convince yourself you can't.... well then you won't. I'd say the first thing to do though would be to use the Nutrition Tracker religiously. Put in everything you eat (and drink, if there are calories in what you drink), every single day. You can eat all "whole foods from the earth and lots of healthy fats" etc-- but if you're eating too much, you'll gain weight (or at least, not lose) anyway.

5 pounds a year works out to around 337 calories too much per week. So it's not a lot of overeating that will do it. It's gradual, over time. The beauty of SparkPeople is that you can enter all your information, goal weight, goal date etc-- and it'll give you a calorie range. Plus you can track the exercise you do, track all your food, and there are tons of articles on good nutrition, and videos and demo's for exercise. All for free.

RUSTYMANIA1 SparkPoints: (12)
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9/16/13 11:57 P

Help! I have been in menopause for 8 years now and I never had weight issues before. However, 5 pounds of weight per year has crept up on me and it does not want to leave. I saw a nutritionist and she suggested eating all whole foods from the earth and lots of healthy fats (olive oil,etc) for Omega 3s. I also walk several miles a few times per week with friends. However, the weight just stays put. In fact, I have learned that doing all this just helps me maintain my weight! If I got out on a weekend and have a drink or two or perhaps have a piece of bread or birthday cake, I will gain a few pounds the next day!! Ugh!

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