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I am so sorry to hear that you and your hubby are having problems, but turning to food isn't going to make those problems go away. I know this isn't easy, but at a time like this, you really do have to take care of your body. It's not just about the possibility of gaining weight because you're overeating. Your body is under a lot of stress because of the arguments, the worry, the anxiety, etc... Stress reeks havoc on our bodies. Thus the reason we have to do our best to take care of ourselves at times like these.

You may find heading to the gym helps you reduce some of that stress. I find I feel better after a good workout. Your gym is your time to yourself. So, do try to stick with the exercise. it can help you feel a bit better in times like these.

Mostly, you do the best you can. Take things day to day. You can't do everything. You make your list of priorities and go down the list.


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Ugh. I am trying so hard. I decided to write today instead of eating...

I am having trouble staying focused on me and my health because my life is falling a part. My husband of 9 years and I are having major trouble. Basically it is over. I know it, he might know it...but all I am doing is trying to get through the holidays for my son. So everyday I wake up with intention of stuffing my feelings, going to work, taking care of my son and if there is any energy left over I take care of myself. Because I know as soon as the Holidays are over, so will be my marriage. I just don't want to put my son through that at a time that should be happy and filled with family memories. Its just a couple months and I know I can do it...but its hard. Especially when I am sad. Or when I am alone. And all I want to do is numb myself with food. So far, I have been tracking and doing ok. Been a little lax on the exercise, but there is only so much I can do in my current state...

I guess I don't really need advice , just some positive reinforcement.

Thanks for listening..

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