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2/4/12 12:48 A


POOKIEBEAR25 Posts: 1,536
2/3/12 10:33 P

Thanks so much for the support everyone. I haven't given up the pictures yet, but I think I'm going to. If I can inspire someone with my pics, then it is worth the little hit to my ego. Even putting my fears out there and getting your feedback has helped calm my nerves a bit!

ANARIE Posts: 13,205
2/3/12 8:43 P

It's a very personal decision, and there are advantages and drawbacks to either choice you make.

I have given pictures to some people who asked and said no other times. If you want to say no, the best "out" is to say that you don't have any before pictures of yourself alone and you don't feel right about making pictures of your friends/family public. That's a pretty common situation, actually, because when we're at our heaviest we don't want our picture taken!

2/3/12 8:29 P

You look incredibly in your current picture! Share your before and after - you'll see how proud and amazing you'll feel when everybody can see how much you've accomplished. Nothing to be nervous about!

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2/3/12 8:13 P

You should be proud of your accomplishments and can really make a difference to help others work towards better health. Good luck and I hope you do give the before photos!

QUEEN_REINA Posts: 3,953
2/3/12 6:42 P

My Spark page is public, that's as far as I am willing to go. I don't want to see my pics on ppls walls or anywhere else.

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2/3/12 6:36 P

Message to POOKIEBEAR25: We are SparkPeople; we are fearless! You can do this! You can be the example, the inspiration to others that you can do it! (Let us know what you decide.)

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2/3/12 11:42 A

Maybe you are nervous about displaying the before pictures for your co-workers because you think they will from now on scrutinize you to see if you keep the weight off. I have dealt with this fear too.... but it gives me even more of a reason to prove everyone wrong who thought I would gain all of my weight back!

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2/3/12 11:37 A

I have experienced this, but once you post them you will see how impressed people are. You look great! Congrats on your weight loss!
emoticon emoticon

NEPTUNE1939 Posts: 18,297
2/3/12 11:36 A

I don't enter contests that require a photo!

2/3/12 11:34 A

Of course you're nervous! I would be, too. You said that you want to be inspiration for others who want to lose weight. That is great! Keep your mind on that goal. Sometimes the right thing to do is not the easy thing. Congratulations on your fabulous weight loss!

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2/3/12 11:06 A

I would feel nervous too at the work's not like a weight loss website where everyone is there for the same goal. I wouldn't want my co-workers to see what I looked like at my worst.

One of my friends posted old pictures of me on Facebook from when I was a kid and 205. She was just thinking they were nice and nostalgic, but I was mortified. There are many people who have never seen me like that and I don't want them to...

FEDGIRL4 Posts: 2,185
2/3/12 10:56 A

You lost 113 pounds so far?! That's great! You look awesome!! I like both pictures of you at 190, but the one in front of the tv really shows how much you have lost in your middle.

I get freaked out with that kind of prospect too. Why? Because once I put it out there, I have to maintain it and I'm scared I won't be able to.

Flaunt it!

POOKIEBEAR25 Posts: 1,536
2/3/12 10:40 A

I was involved in a weight loss contest a year ago at work that was the start of my weight-loss journey. I was asked to send a "before" and "after" picture so that they could show them at a company wide meeting (I work for a fairly large company). I am extremely nervous to show "before" pics even though I worked at this same place before I lost weight. I want to show them to inspire people, but I'm really scared.

To help prepare myself, I made my Spark page public and added a couple of pictures. Maybe putting them out there for people to see will help ease my nerves...

Does anyone have experience with this feeling? Why am I freaking out? I used to look like that all the time!

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