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RACARONI17 Posts: 5
7/27/10 6:13 P

I would love to lose around 30lbs by my wedding next May!! I have the fitness part down, but I really need to focus on my diet. Hopefully I will stick to it and use this as my support!!

7/27/10 5:21 P

im trying to drop 25 by my wedding next year in june. ive been struggling with a climbing scale for the past year and put on 30 and i want to lose most of it by the time i get married. it was sad when my sister in law complemented my fiancee because he has never seen me skinny and still loves me.....B****

IN102WIN Posts: 862
7/2/10 8:16 P

I am going to lose 50 pounds by my wedding day (Aug 2011). So I'm wishing you all the success!!!

LAREINA04 Posts: 12
6/22/10 8:54 P

I just got to say MOREFITNESS that you're progress has been great! It's inspirational. I don't have a set wedding date... but if I can find the dress and feel confident I look good in it I'm ready. I've got 6 months left in this year and I'm thinking a December wedding. I'm not so much concerned with how much weight I lose but how many sizes I can drop off my hips

TB0503 Posts: 95
6/22/10 6:52 P

I feel like I need to go crazy to lose by next year -- I can't imagine being a b-i-g bride!

MOMORAMA Posts: 208
6/22/10 1:50 P

Congrats on your upcoming marraige, GrandBarb!

My grandmother had a ceremony with her beau a couple of years back. It wasn't a "real" marraige because it's not sanctified by the state, but I totally support her in it if it makes her happy (and allows her to continue receiving medical benefits.)

GRANDBARB1 Posts: 28
6/16/10 3:49 P

I am getting married on Oct 9th. I have started looking for dresses. However I look like a blimp in them right now. I am 71 and this is my 3rd marriage. I sure hope the third time is the charm. He does not think I am fat. I want to lose for my own self esteem.

I think if we both concentrate on making this our life goal we have a better chance of success.

6/12/10 8:35 P

I'm trying to lose 30 pounds too! It's really hard, and food is SO good, but in the end it will be so worth it! :D Good luck!

ALICEART2010 SparkPoints: (61,885)
Fitness Minutes: (16,343)
Posts: 2,273
6/9/10 3:46 P

I have to drop 50 more LB for my wedding. Take into consideration that I have not yet met my husband, still I want to look great in preparation of meeting him. I want to feel great about my looks and my body.

JETTSTAR999 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (24,370)
Posts: 601
6/9/10 8:08 A

It's challenging, my date is 80 days away and I am not gaining or losing - I guess the cup is half full then........

MAXCHUIE Posts: 26
6/8/10 3:05 P

Hello, I am getting married October 10, 2010 and I need to loose 50lbs for my ideal weight. My immediate goal is to loose 25lbs by my wedding. I have lost 4 already so I am on my way

AROSE3109 Posts: 8
5/26/10 9:07 A

What's the shred?

5/23/10 1:52 P

I've got another 9lbs closer to 30lbs. I want to lose another 15lbs by August. My renewal anniversary is in October. I already have the dress but I am keeping it in the bridal shop for now so I don't have to bring it back once it needs to be altered.

AVOCADOJUNKIE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (607)
Posts: 88
5/12/10 4:52 P

Getting married 4/30/2011, so its alittle less than a year away. Wanting to lose 30 lbs total, but would totally be happy with 20 lbs.

Best wishes everyone with their goals. Let us all be SUCCESSFUL!

REEDJEB Posts: 8
5/5/10 2:30 P

October 2010, but my goal is to lose it by September so when I go to my dress fitting, nothing will need to be changed. I loved how it fit 25lbs ago and would love to have it there for my wedding day. Go US!!! We can do this! emoticon

KMCHUCK Posts: 241
4/27/10 10:31 P

I am getting married in August 2010 and although I ideally want to lose 40lbs but at this time I would be lucky to lose 30. I have lost a dress size though so I am happy with that :).

HALLORAN84 SparkPoints: (12,168)
Fitness Minutes: (9,940)
Posts: 978
2/22/10 4:42 P

You guys are doing so great!!
I've been really good about going to the gym and getting in my workouts but I don't track my food. That will be my new goal this week! :)

I am getting married May 29, 2010 and I would like to lose 10 pounds before my final dress fitting which is May 5th. The weight is really not important but I just want to feel GREAT on my wedding day!

Remember to track more than your weight because sometimes the scale doesn't move but the inches come off!!! Good Luck and Congrats to everyone!

2/20/10 10:43 A

Hello! I'm in the same boat too. Wedding is in August 2010 and I want to lose ideally 30lbs by then, but would be happy with 20-25. I've set my goal for early July as that's when I'll be finalising the dress fitting.
Seeing the progress you've all made on your tickers really inspires me to think I can really do it too! good luck everyone

2/18/10 2:32 P

Hello everyone, my wedding is 9-5-2010! I am very excited and I am hoping to lose about 25 pounds. I have been stuck at the same weight for about a year now, and all of a sudden I gained 8 pounds over the holidays and I feel like a fat kid. I am 5'2'' and 150 lbs. It is time to make the change and vamp up my work outs and track my food intake.

Good luck to everyone and congrats on all your BIG days ahead.

JEMSTAR Posts: 682
2/17/10 9:39 A

My wedding is in August. I'm "only" trying to lose about 13 pounds, but I have a ton of squishiness around my hips and thighs that I'm trying to get rid of. I'm thinking about trying the 30-Day Shred in a few weeks once I have time for it... does it work as amazingly as people say it does??

JEB113 Posts: 2
2/15/10 7:51 P

Great job everyone for working so hard. I am getting married in August 2010 and want to drop about 30lbs. I've been doing the 30 day shred and it's awesome. Just some advice for everyone trying it..measure yourself before you start. I actually gained weight after 10 days (muscle weight I think) but I lost inches so don't focus too much on the scale. Stick with it though. It definitely works and I have more energy and stamina when I hit the gym too. Good luck everyone!

LOVSSUGAR SparkPoints: (30,176)
Fitness Minutes: (30,987)
Posts: 871
2/8/10 2:09 P

I got engaged just before Christmas, and made it until new year's while sparking, but when my scale broke, I sort of fell off the wagon.
I didn't go crazy, but i did stop exrcising and tracking.

So now i'm hoping to get back on track and be in peak physical shape for my wedding in oct 0f 2011.

I know I can do it, I only have about 15 pounds to lose, but it's also body shape and toning i'm worried about. I just hope I can get back into the routine.

2/8/10 1:56 P

KMCHUCK, I love the reward system you've set up at the bottom of your entry! How can I do that? Thanks!

2/8/10 1:53 P

Hi all! I am getting married in September 2011 and I want to be at my high school weight! That's not totally unrealistic, since it's only been five years and I've gained 30 pounds. I have plenty of time right now because I'm out of school for the first time in my life! I train twice a week, mostly with my own body weight instead of weights, but my weakness is NOT getting my cardio in daily. : (

I'm so glad I've found this message board! I'm looking for some new Spark Friends, so if your in your twenties trying to lose a similar amount of weight, or if you just want to talk weight loss, email me! take care, work hard and good luck!

KMCHUCK Posts: 241
2/6/10 9:20 P

I began Sparkpeople on Jan 14 and at the time I was trying to lose 45lbs by my birthday in June. My wedding is August so I am trying to get it done way in advance just in case I don't make it.

Currently, I think I am about 1lb behind my goal but I am hoping that is due to some muscle gain. If not, I am not worried because I know I can do this and I will do it!

Good luck to everyone who is trying to look even BETTER at their wedding. I say better because our fiance's proposed because they love us so they must love us for who we are and how we already look. So, we look good already and losing weight will help us look only better :).

1/14/10 1:33 A

I dropped 40 pounds before my wedding in about 4 months. I went from a size 14 to a size 6 and felt like a million dollars! In fact, I have NEVER felt better in my life. My wedding dress was actually a size was awesome!!!

I did it through nutritional cleansing and exercise. Exercise alone would have never changed my body like the combination of the two did. If you are interested, I am now a health and wellness coach and can help you look sexier than ever and have the energy of a five year old for your wedding day! Just send me an email for more information. You won't regret it. Nutritional cleansing has changed my life and the life of my family forever! No more yo-yo dieting!!!

CAROJX SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,400)
Posts: 360
1/12/10 9:30 P

My wedding is also in October 2010 and I am trying to lose about 30 pounds. I have lost about 3 pounds in a week and a half. I am currently aiming for cardio 4x week and strength training once or twice a week. I have been keeping within the calorie limits set by SP.

Will keep doing it as long as it keeps working! :)

1/9/10 1:42 P

Hi All,

I'm getting married in June 2010 and I'm 146 pounds right now and I would really love to get back to 135 pounds, where I was before the holidays. Has anyone tried QuickTrim from GNC for an extra boost? Does it really work?

THEHISTORIAN86 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,187)
Posts: 42
1/9/10 11:40 A

I hope all is going well for all of you in your weightloss journey! I started mine back up on Jan. 4. My goal by my wedding, Jan. 8, 2011, is to be down around 170 or 160. So where I'm at right now is 212, already lost 2 lbs. since Monday doing a combination of C5K and EA Active 30 Day Challenge.

I hope by March 15, when I have round 1 of my engagement pictures, I'll be down to 200 or less. We will see. Once I hit the 200, I'll be pushing to lose those 30 lbs to get back down to 170 and then hopefully lose another 10 to get to 160. But I will be happy with the 170 goal!

When I bought my dress in October 2008, getting my wonderful employee discount before I had to leave due to surgeries that kept me from working, I was 190. I'm not sure how the dress fits, I haven't tried it on really since it arrived in November 2008. Its a corset back which is hard to do by yourself lol. I hope soon to try it on to see where I have to really lose in places to make it fit perfectly.

Ok...sorry for my long winded post...I hope I made some sort of sense. I'm not awake yet :P Ok...I'm done now.

Edited by: THEHISTORIAN86 at: 1/9/2010 (11:42)
HEEPER Posts: 1,000
1/9/10 10:03 A

Hope everyone's doing well! I had a great week, hit all of my goals. Hope you are doing the same!

DEM333 Posts: 14
1/8/10 12:49 P

Our wedding is on June 5, 2010 so I figure I have 5 months to lose 30 pounds. I started the 30 Day Shred yesterday so I'm that will help me see some results. I have already got my dress but the lady said that it is easily altered. I will gladly pay the alteration fees to go down a couple of sizes and feel thin and pretty on my wedding day. So if you're still looking for some support or just looking for someone to vent to, let me know.

MOUSE1797 Posts: 1
1/6/10 12:51 P

I have the same problem, except my wedding is at the end of March! The dress is too tight around the hips. It can be let out, but there is time before it has to be altered so I am hoping to lose some weight before then. Just signed up for sparkpeople and ordered P90X, we'll see what happens.

NG91011 Posts: 5
1/6/10 3:32 A

My wedding is 9/10/11, so I have a while, but I already have my dress picked out and I have a down payment on it. I want to lose the extra weight I've gained over the last two years to get back to my "hot body" size. Haha...I'm hoping to lose 36 pounds but I'll be happy with 24-31.

1/5/10 12:00 A

hello everyone i am also trying to drop 11 kg for our wedding which will be on november. i know i have enough time so i'm confident i will succeed.
the truth is i would like to lose them quickly because i want to choose a beautiful dress on time!!!
good luck to everyone and hope we keep motivating each other!!!!

1/4/10 6:49 P

Good luck I am in the same boat. My heavest was 233 and I want to get down to 148 by this June and keep it off until I get married in 2013.

1/4/10 6:43 P

Hoping to drop 25 by October, want to look and feel great on the day

RSCHAU Posts: 1
1/4/10 3:32 P

I'm getting married in October and want to lose about 20 pounds before then! I just joined Spark today and so far I'm loving it!

1/1/10 7:37 A

Happy New Year from London, UK, I am getting married at the beginning of August and want to lose 28 pounds if I can!! I cycle to work and use the Wii and I try to watch what I eat but it doesn't seem to be having any effect, i am now going to record everything that goes in my mouth and try very hard to exercise more, haven't got dress yet, am planning to do that in February. Sorting invites at the mo. Have just joined this community so any tips welcome!

1/1/10 6:36 A

happy new year!!!! my wedding is in may!!!! i started monday!! i bought the dress back last feb and now it doesn't fit!!!! so its day 5 and i'm very focused last night i was right on track ate from only the veggie plater and didn't even have the dip i just stayed away from the table and danced and talk and played wii!!!!!!

12/29/09 5:45 P

I'm so excited everyone else in this thread has the same goal as me! I would like to lose 40lbs but I'm going to see what I size I wear after 30. I have over a year but I want to look grreat! lol

ANGEL630 Posts: 6
12/29/09 9:08 A

Oh ladies it isnt goin good right now! The holidays are kicking my butt (or just making it bigger!) I am ready for them to just be over so that I can get back on track!!!!

SANKO18 Posts: 1
12/28/09 12:37 P

I am getting married in June and also trying to drop about 30 lbs. I would be happy with 25. Actually I just joined yesterday. Hoping that tracking my foods will help. I already have my dress but it will look better when there is less of me.

12/28/09 10:58 A

Girl I heard that! I am trying for the same. 29-39 lbs is what I will be happy with. I was 201 back in June 2009, dropped 28 lbs, to 173 and then gained 4 lbs around Thanksgiving! UGG! I want to be a solid 136, the weight I was before I had my 1st child (I have 2). However I will be happy at 144. (but 136 is the goal!) I want to drop this weight by May, when I buy my dress. I WILL NOT buy a dress until I've lost it all! Got a wii fitness for xmas, and let me tell you, I lost 1 lb in 2 days, and I know its because I was playing that thing! Yoga, boxing, tennis and golf... I really never thought you could burn a lot of calories doing it and you use your entire body! I'm sore right now, so I'm even more excited about dropping the weight... 29lbs isn't a lot, but just imagine how much u could lose w/the wii because it is SO ADDICTING!!

ANGEL630 Posts: 6
12/26/09 9:47 A

I am with you ladies!My wedding is October of 2010, and I am hoping to loose 20-25 pounds. I already have a dress, so I am hoping that the weight loss wont make my alteration bills soar to high! I am determined to stick with it, although I know it will be a challenge. I have considered getting the shredd video and checking it out. Let me know what you think! Best of luck ladies!

HEEPER Posts: 1,000
12/17/09 1:24 P

I've lost some weight, but gained a little of it back. I just hope I can drop a size before going dress shopping! For an October wedding, I am hoping to have lost 40 pounds by August to make sure my dress fits right!

12/15/09 1:54 P

Yeah I am not going to get crazy until January either. I Have lost the weight before and really can't believe that I am in this position having gained it back.

HEEPER Posts: 1,000
12/15/09 1:40 P

Nope, I am just concentrating on keeping my calories to my SP limits... and trying to get myself to exercise three times a week. When I hit January, I hope to be consistently within my SP range, and going to the gym 3x a week. From there... dunno what I will do. I was thinking of doing the Couch to 5K, except I am not much of a runner.

12/15/09 1:23 P

Yeah I hear you on that! I was going to start my diet on January 1st, but then figured...why? I might as well start now. I just hope I can do it. Are you trying the shred?

HEEPER Posts: 1,000
12/15/09 1:13 P

I'm with you, dude. Getting married in October, and I want to drop 40 pounds. Trying very hard to get started now, but it's not easy with all the holiday parties!

12/15/09 12:40 P

So I am getting married in October. I weigh like 180 and would like to get down to at least 150...I used to weigh like 130, but everyone tells me I looked anorexic when I was at that weight, so I don't k now I guess 150 it is. Trying the shred, on day 3 today. Words of advise or someone wanting to push through this with me is welcome! I can use the support!

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