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2/22/13 3:36 A

When we stopped working out including even cardio, I was just maintaining my weight just be eating better but of course they second we start insanity again and started working muscle again it went up and down.

I'll just continue in the direction i'm headed with insanity and see where the road takes me.

thanks for the input

NAUSIKAA Posts: 4,848
2/22/13 2:40 A

Use the free weights to maintain your entire lean mass while losing fat in a caloric deficit. When your body fat is significantly lower, increase your calories to +200 over your maintenance calories and continue with the free weights to build some additional muscle. Do this for a few months, then repeat the process.

It's hard to burn fat and build muscle simultaneously; some people can do it (see Leangains) but most people can't figure it out. I've never been able to do it myself.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
2/22/13 12:04 A

Gaining muscle requires a calorie surplus.

Losing fat requires a calorie deficit.

What most people do is cycle. Periods of losing fat (and muscle) and periods of gaining muscle (and fat).

While losing "weight", a significant portion of that weight can be muscle tissue. Doing good quality strength training will help minimise that portion, but you'll almost always be losing *some* muscle if you're "losing weight".

2/21/13 10:59 P

I have decided recently that I need to lose weight, and really want to stay on the bigger side but would prefer it to not be fat anymore. Last October me and my wife started insanity. We did the entire first month without a problem. We got married and didn't have the room at the place we stayed to do insanity so it ended up being a week off when we got back we did the core cardio and balance week without a problem. We kind of did kind of didn't do the 2nd month well, after that we stopped for a few months taking a while putting it off and finally decided that we are done waiting around and actually plan on doing it this month. We are now back on the cool down weak and not having a problem. Few more days and we will be starting month to.

My main question is well yes I want to lose weight, I would like to start building more muscle. I am currently 195 from 215 and would like to start weight training as well. I only have access to some free weights i bought some time ago. I am not sure how to get started or what I should do. This goes the same when it comes to eating. Any Ideas for me?

Thanks in advance.

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