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KITTEN_351 Posts: 495
1/18/12 11:46 A

I suggest for something easy and filling, to try some protein shakes. I just put chocolate protein powder in a water bottle and fill with water around 10:30 every morning. Then I'm not hungry again until 2:30. Only about 120 calories too! Granola bars work well to stave off hunger too and are usually under 200 calories.

With the exercise, try some Sparkpeople videos. There are a lot of them that are only 10 minutes and are actually a good cardio workout. Do one in the morning, one at night, or just one at night if you're really busy and it'll help you on your journey!

POST2006 Posts: 4
1/14/12 10:04 P

I feel everyones pain. I'm an athletic trainer and I work crazy hours and long days. It makes it hard to come up with ideas of food to take to work for dinner and lunches that dont take along time to make and are able to be kept in the fridge for a while and can be heated in a microwave. My wedding is not for a year and a half but I feel the struggle now to lose weight and I know its only going to get worst.

1/14/12 2:16 P

I feel your pain. I am a full time employee, a mother and fiance, and I attend college full time also. Free time is not something I have a lot of.
Before the end of the year I started on a 20 day Starter exercise plan and I am currently on day 15. It has built in break days and the exercises are super simple that you can do in your living room in a matter of minutes. Here's the link if you'd like to take a look at it.
Because I started working on that plan I have made it a point to complete each day, because I don't want to repeat the previous day exercise. I also purchased Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2012 for our xbox and will be working out and comparing notes with my best friend (who is over an hour away) so we can keep each other on track. Having a support network is so important, check with your friends and family to see if anyone else is struggling and want to help out or work out with you. :D

CMKSJOURNEY SparkPoints: (0)
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1/4/12 1:39 P

Clockhart - goood luck with your weight loss journey. Is your fiance active? Can you guys go for a walk together. What do your weekends look like? Are you able to get out and do fun things like ride bikes together on the weekend? I am finding that getting active with someone gives me so much more motivation.

AMENA024 Posts: 3
1/4/12 7:23 A

Thank God I've got a lace up dress! The amount of weight I've put on since I've been engaged is unbelievable, zip up wouldn't fit me at all :/ lol. Hopefully I'm hoping to lose the fat and weight that I've put on and more. I just need to find a way to stop eating lots of food and get the time to exercise more :/

CLOCKHART4 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/3/12 9:44 P

I wish I had just 15 pounds to lose but if I want to be really honest I want to lose 60 to 70 pounds, but I will settle for half of that by my wedding in August. I have lost 10 since I started being serious in September, I gained almost 5 pounds back during the holidays and now I just need to get back on track. I have a crazy schedule, I am an English teacher, I commute 3 hours a day and usually go to bed early or mark in my evenings. The only time I find to excersise is twice a week for 45 minutes when they do a teacher swim at the pool attached to the highschool during my lunch break. It is really hard for me to lose weight, I have lost this much before when I was in University, before I meet my soon to be hubby and got too"comfortable" That was 7 years ago when I was in University and would work out for over an hour every night after classes. I don't have time to do that anymore, and I live in a small town where there is no gym that fits into my schedule..sometimes I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle.... :(

ABIGAILJ22 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/3/12 7:21 P

We can do it! I have 4 months to lose at least 15lbs! My wedding is in May. Just keep the goal in sight, track what you eat, and exercise at least 20 min a day. I think my challenge has always been saying that I don't have "enough" time for exercise, but if I do even 10 min of it, I feel the difference- and I see the difference when I weigh in. 3 months and then a wonderful day will be here!! Think of all the happiness that lays ahead :-)

SCTK519 Posts: 2,086
1/3/12 6:32 P

12 weeks at a lb a week is pretty good, but one thing to think about is your dress. If it's a lace up you have less to worry about, but if it's a zippered or buttoned dress, you don't want to lose too much and have to do emergency alterations on it. I'd say you have until your last dress fitting to lose whatever weight you want or can and then just maintain it until the wedding day. It would be much more stressful if you needed alterations.

AMENA024 Posts: 3
1/3/12 6:26 P

Hi all!

I'm getting married in the beginning of April which means I have 3 months to lose 12lbs! I really need to tone up big time!

The thing is... I love food, can't stop thinking about food :S especially now that I'm trying to diet. I need motivation as well. I love my unhealthy food as much as my healthy food, but healthy food such as fruit/salad just does not fill me up :( Eeek. Motivation needed :|

Exercising is limited to walking, sit-ups, squats, hula-hoop and skipping. Not much of that because of work 7.15am - 4.30pm, uni work and on top of that wedding preparations :(.

Hope you're all a bit more successful than me!

Any motivation/healthy recipes/advice would be greatly appreciated.

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